New Product Essay

New Product

Last year, I bought an innovative product, Zune from Microsoft - New Product Essay introduction. This product combines features of innovative design and unique brand image which had a great impact on my decision to purchase. This product allows users play and store music, store images and listen to radio. This is an innovative solution from Microsoft which proposes such services as file sharing and ripping CDs. In contrast to iPod, Zune proposes more services for users and has a better design. Zune has a big screen and 30 GB hard disk. I bought this product because I like good music and this audio player allows me to store thousands of songs and albums, copy and display my favorite images. The product was available in different colors and stores different music, so every consumer could choose ‘a unique product’ which met his needs.

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I tried the product influenced by a promotion campaign provided by Microsoft and unique product features advertised through different media. The message, “Free Your Inner DJ”, appealed to emotions of consumers and created feeling of freedom and independence. I like the message created for Zune’s advertising campaign: “music the way it wants to be”. Emotional appeal affected buying decisions through a unique product image and benefits proposed by Zune. Before buying, I read a lot of IT and economic journals included economic forecasts and technological specifications of Zune. Press releases, corporate newsletters and audio-video presentations were the most popular and effective tools which helped to inform target audience and press about changes and technological innovations of Zune. Zune was introduced creatively based strategies that focused on flexibility, speed, and surprise and allowed the company to compete on a more equal footing with Apple. The theme of “iPod killer” was skillfully used by website designers: black background, dark colors and white printed text ( I like the product because it meets my requirements and needs. Zune brand appeals to consumers proposing a unique life style and personal mobility, excellent music and easy downloads.


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