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What is National Honor Society

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I was thrilled after I had received my letter informing me that was eligible to be a part of the national honor society. Once I looked it over and saw that there was an essay part of the application, I thought it would be difficult to “brag” about myself. While I was thinking about how much I am an active member of the student body at LUHS, the task proved to be not too difficult.

Character is one of the most important roles of being a good leader.

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What is National Honor Society
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I have many different qualities that attribute to my character, some including: I am consistently friendly; I am non-judgmental; and I have positive relationships with all of my teachers. Additionally, I am also a strong advocate of following school rules; they are very flexible already and are also very simple to follow. I have a strong character because of the fact that I like to challenge myself.

More so, I have a great attitude; I have a good sense of humor, but know when to be serious as well.

As for leadership, I exemplify this quality well because I have had four jobs this summer, I thoroughly participate in activities as far as school goes, and I hop to study abroad my senior year. I have learned to become extremely responsible this summer for I had jobs which include the following: bussing and kitchen work at Mama’s Supper Club, customer service at Dan’s Minocqua Fudge, along with clothing retail and customer service at Ross’s Sportswear. Dan’s Minocqua Fudge is very challenging because the summers get extremely busy.

Mama’s on the other hand I work with customers and the dirty work of the kitchen, working there for two years have given me much experience when it comes to dealing with multiple situations. As far as school goes, I am a member of Spanish Club, Interact, Student Council, and ILI. Student council requires leadership expertise because we basically lead the school. Whether it is putting together dances, doing community service, assembling pep rallies, and much more we have to step up and become a leader of our school.

ILI (Intercultural Leadership Initiative) is also very important for my role as a leader, not only because I have been in it for five years, but I also get the opportunity to teach younger students in middle school to become well prepared leaders in high school and also to teach them to mingle interculturally.Last, but not least, is service. I am a proud member of the Rotary Interact Club. Interact is an organization in which high school students of all ages come together to volunteer for fundraising that goes to traveling to another country for community service and contributing to our community in Minocqua.

We also raise money for organizations such as Kids Against Hunger, UNICEF, animal shelters, etc. Our community project we are currently working on is a haunted house; the money we raise from this haunted house is going towards the local animal hospital. The reason I joined interact is because I wanted to help not only my community, but also the communities of another country. I believe this organization will help me better understand my community and the people within my community.

It is important to give back to the community because you get something out of it, and I would appreciate other people that would take the time out of their busy lives to help improve one community. Being a member of the Interact club has given me a better perspective of community service as a whole; I have noticed many people take community service for granted. Without community service we wouldn’t have many things such as Churches, food pantries, animal and homeless shelters, and much more. Without these organizations, our world would become a non-functioning environment.

In conclusion, I believe I would be a good representative to the National Honors Society. I know this because I show all the qualities of a good leader: good character, service, and leadership skills. I would enjoy being a part of the NHS program very much and I would take it very seriously as a first priority.

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