Why I Want to Be in the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society recognizes students who are outstanding in scholarship, service, leadership and character. It would not only be an honor to be selected to take a part of this organization, but also a privilege. I always strive to lead in every activity I do and am always asking how can I be better in school. I can only hope that I embody the characteristics of this organization. Another reason I want to be in National Honor Society is because I believe it is a good program offered at our school and it benefits our school and community.

Coming from a Mexican background where all my siblings are in different academic levels, achieving a divergence like The National Honors Society would be a significant accomplishment. Not only am I a child of three, but I am the brains in my family. It wasn’t until I came into high school and worked hard for my grades until I realized how important it is to strive for impressive grades. After this I decided I wanted to be a member of the National Honor Society. NHS is known for acknowledging and recognizing hard working students with outstanding grades and influential characters.

The National Honor Society is one of the most aristocratic and dignified societies our school has to offer. Becoming a member means you are part of one of the most well-known organizations. I have confidence that I embody both of those characteristics. Last quarter I strived for all A’s and got on the Principal’s Honor Roll. It is meaningful to me to become a member because I have worked so hard to get good grades. In every activity I do, I try to be a leader and use my leadership skills like using creativity and flexibility. In conclusion, becoming a member would be a great honor for me and would help me out in the future with school and my community.

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