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Honor Code in School

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    The debate of whether or not honor codes should be established in schools have been ongoing since it was first introduced. It caused conflict between those who implemented it and those who had to obey it. Many view honor codes as ineffective for decreasing cheating in schools while others view it as efficient for increasing honest students. Although some may believe that honor codes are ineffective, there are many reasons why it should be enforced.

    One such reason includes the decrease in the percentage of dishonesty and cheating in schools. On top of that, enforcing honor codes can be easily adapted by the students and teachers. By implementing honor codes, schools are not only reducing cheating but also encouraging a healthy academic atmosphere. By doing such things, it not only helps students to have high integrity, but it also leads them to success.

    To begin with, honor codes statistically reduce the percentage of dishonesty and cheating that occur in schools. Some schools and colleges, for instance, have found an effective way to decrease cheating through peer culture. As described in source F, it says “an important factor seems to be the peer culture that develops on honor code campuses—a culture that makes most forms of serious cheating socially unacceptable among the majority of students.” (McCabe and Pavela)

    In this case, it wasn’t the honor codes that minimized cheating, but the peer culture that evolved from the honor code that aided in decreasing cheating. On the other hand, it can be argued that implementing honor codes comes with excessive monitoring of students with strict rules. Although some may view enforcing honor codes as strict and controlling, it is not always the case. For example, in source F, it says “many schools with academic honor codes allow students to take their exams without proctors present.” (McCabe and Pavela) Based on this knowledge, it illustrates how the introduction of honor codes can be of value to schools.

    Secondly, honor codes help to promote and encourage a healthy academic atmosphere. Students and teachers should be in an environment where both parties can live in trust with one another. In source B, it briefly talked about why the school environment is beneficial for both teachers and students. It stated “Most responded that we needed an environment where students and faculty could live in complete trust of one another.” (Vangelli)

    By creating a honest and trustworthy atmosphere for the students and teachers, it promotes a healthy academic environment. Speaking from previous experiences, some students usually don’t like it when their peers benefit off of them when they didn’t put in the hard work. Just like Vangelli, students want to feel comfortable taking a test without the thought of their peers copying them lingering in their minds.

    Finally, honor codes can be easily adapted by the students and teachers. The adaptationof honor codes in schools and universities can lead to great results. In one college Hampden-Sydney College, for example, found little evidence of cheating even when the professor was in their office. (C) In addition to that, in some schools, the students themselves are the ones giving the punishments to their peers. The punishments can range from suspension to expulsion. Because of the peer-enforcers, cheating scandals can become more easily fixed. In source D, it shortly discussed a case of cheating that was handled by a student committee. These show that honor codes can be easily adapted and used by schools worldwide.

    To conclude, honor codes should be enforced in schools and universities because of the beneficial roles it plays in the school environment. It is likely to reduce cheating, encourages a healthy academic atmosphere, and it is easily adapted. In spite the fact that there are negative aspects of honor codes, there are positive factors that we are constantly overlooking.

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