Nietzsche’s philosophy and I heart Huckabees Analysis

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It can be also thought of as a mixture of several different philosophies which emphasize on common topics. It ponders upon the individual, the experience of choice, and the absence of comprehension towards how the universe works and what is the meaning of life. This philosophy tries to find the meaning to the thought which is; what is the reason for us being here. Is there a life beyond our present one? The main preposition of existentialism is that the “existence precedes essence” (Existentialism, 2008). This means that the existence itself of human being is of greater importance that any logic or reason that is assigned it. Human beings have to decide and define for themselves their own realities and the meaning for their lives. The philosophers considered to be the first seeds for the concept of existentialism were Friedrich Nietzsche and Soren Kierkegaard. Their work revolved around amongst other things, “the human nature and human identity vary depending on what values and beliefs humans hold. Great individuals invent their own values and create the very terms under which they excel.” (Existentialism, 2008). Friedrich Nietzsche in his works, proposed, that the universe, the human life and the earth all have no significant purpose or meaning. His view was that life itself should be lived in a full and selfish manner, and not as if there was someone watching from the skies, and was there to judge us in the future.

Nietzsche in his writings never accepted his own work pantheism. Pantheism is the philosophy which assumes everything around us as sanctified. It encourages people to hold nature sacred and use science and religion to explain and preserve its sanctity. He did try to develop his own idea of pantheism with no ethics by accepting and enjoying every single moment of existence (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997). He knew that his philosophies follow the same lines as pantheism, and tried to create and follow his own version of pantheism, one without any rules or ethics, in which one could joyously accept every moment of existence itself without pondering over the reason for existence itself. He stated, “Believe [as pantheism does – Ed] that everything is perfect, divine, eternal, also forces one to believe in eternal recurrence” (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997). “Question: Can we remove the idea of purpose from the process, and yet still affirm the process? (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997). Every basic trait underlying each and every event, expressing itself in every event – if it were experienced by an individual as his own basic trait – would force that person triumphally to endorse every instant of everyday existence” (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997).

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I heart Huckabees is existential comedy movie. It plays with the concepts of Nietzsche that everything is everything else and that life is there to be lived to the fullest without fear. In it, Albert an environmentalist hires the Jaffas, two existential detectives to solve the problems and answers to the life’s questions (I Heart Huckabees, 2004). He gets introduced to Tommy, another passionate environmentalist, who lives by Nietzsche’s rules of enjoying nature as it is. But worry’s about the environment (which contradicts Nietzsche’s philosophy, to live life without care and worry). The detectives explain to Albert that his troubles are due to his arch nemesis Brad, a high riser on the corporate ladder. They explain that everything is interconnected by using a blanket to cover everything, as a metaphor. They state that Albert and Brad even though are different, are actually the same and therefore he should be angry with him. This is another of Nietzsche’s philosophies. Nietzsche commented, “Midnight is also midday. Pain is also joy, curse is also blessing, and night is also a sun. Did you ever say yes to a pleasure? Oh my friends, then you also said yes to all pain. All things are linked, entwined, in love with one another. Everything over again, everything eternally, everything linked, threaded, in love” (Nietzsche: world and life-affirmer, 1997)

The movie progresses to show, the 2 existential detectives force Brad and his girl friend to reassess how the live their lives. Brad realizes that his efforts to ascend on the corporate ladder hold no meaning as Nietzsche proposed that there is no purpose to life than to life it to the fullest. It holds no consequences and no rewards. Albert and Tommy frustrated with the detective’s meaning of life approach Vauban. She asks them to detach themselves from their problematic lives and to go to a state where there are no worries. She tells them to enjoy the life itself without asking for the reason why. She tells them that attempting to answer questions and truths is meaningless and that time should be spent on enjoying the life itself. This was Nietzsche’s philosophy on how life should be lived (I ? Huckabees, 2004).

“Albert attains a sort of enlightenment when he synthesizes the two opposing outlooks of the detectives and Vauban to realize the cosmic truth of everything. By way of sympathy for Brad, who is now just as dejected and hopeless as Albert was initially Albert understands that he and Brad are no different, that everything really is inextricably connected, but that these connections necessarily arise from the often senselessly painful reality of human existence” (I ? Huckabees, 2004).

The movie echo’s Nietzsche’s sentiments on existentialism by showing, we are all connected even though we are different. We shouldn’t obsess about the daily problems of life as it holds no truth. We can’t get angry at people because we are them! This is called, seeing the blanket truth, meaning that we are the same even though we are completely different. The movie also demonstrates the other side. This side explains that world is destroying itself and there is nothing we can do but share the sorrow. And this goes against Nietzsche’s philosophy. (I ? Huckabees, 2004)

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