The Old Testaments of the Bible

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While the story and the contents of the film stays true to the Old Testaments of the Bible, It seems like the story takes place In a distant future after a global post-nuclear disaster, unlike In the Bible, In which the story did took place In the distant past during a time when modern civilizations first occurred. The story begins with the story of creation, where Adam and Eve made wrong choices and rebelled against the creator, and since then the world has been fallen and sinful. Corrupt with man’s destructive advances.

The creation needs to be saved and be safe from the seductive works of mankind. The story is of the Biblical character Noah, the son of Lamely and the grandson of Methuselah, who has been given a task by God to save creation by means of creating an ark, and rescuing pairs of living species, before God destroys the world by means of a world-wide flood. Noah faces the overwhelming task of building the wooden ark and getting the living species on the arc with the help of “watchers”, who are in fact fallen angels, which fell from Heaven.

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But Noah Is walking on a rocky road as he has many enemies, Including Tuba-Cain, one of his assistant relatives, who later strives to take over his ark and kill Noah and his family. Noah Is torn between his duties as being a family patriarch, to protect his family, build the arc and defend all the creation, or cater to his son Ham’s need of finding a wife. With all that taking place, the time is short as God’s wrath is about to be unleashed on the earth. Going through all the hurdles, Noah manages to fulfill the commandments of God, and builds an arc for the salvation of creation.

Noah is actually a very good film, and does a very good Job of explaining Biblical knowledge to people who barely know much about the Bible, and know the reasons for Nosh’s flood. Being a star studded film as it is, with celebrated actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crower, Emma Watson, this movie brought in a big audience, and thus reached a lot of people to gain Biblical knowledge about the Enchain flood. But, along with that, the film was not at par with the original story in the Bible. Noah goes pretty far off the Sunday school flannel board to tell Its story, beginning with “the beginning. Noah recounts the story of creation to his children, reciting what appended on each of the six days. Using time-lapse photography, his account blends the Bible with Darwinian evolution, as animals change into other animals in rapid-fire sequence. (And most of the creatures on the ark appear to be evolutionary forebears of the ones we live with today. ) Noah acknowledges that it didn’t take long for mankind to start messing things up. We see glimpses of Adam, Eve and the forbidden fruit, with Satan creepily slithering out of another snake.

And Chain’s murder of Able is seen as a critical turning point for humanity’s relationship with its Creator. The movie ride to be parallel to the modern times. A lot of things have been deviated from the original story. For Instance In Ironwork’s film, Noah (played by Russell Crower) Is a tortured soul who senses through a dream that the mysterious “Creator” (He Is never called God) plans to destroy the world with a flood. But In Genesis 6-8, much of the account Involves direct communication from God to Noah (see 6:13; 7:1; 8:15). Noah was God’s close friend, and he understood Him.

Also, in the movie, we see Ham, in the book of Genesis, we see that all of Nosh’s sons entered the arc with their wives. Instead, his elder son Seem has twin daughters, who supposedly fill as roles of the other son’s wives. In the Genesis account, God tells Noah: Mimi shall enter the ark-? you and your sons and your wife, and your sons’ wives with you” (Gene. 6:18). We also see that Noah gets help from the giant rocky creatures, the Oenophile, in building the arc. However, this is not the case in the original story. But the Bible says God cast these disobedient angels into hell (2 Pet. :4), not to earth, and they certainly weren’t sent here to help mankind. Noah is also portrayed as a heartless killer, who wanted to kill his son’s twin daughters, as he thought that the creator wanted humanity to no longer exist, for our sins. But in Genesis 9:1 God commands Noah and His sons to “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth” While the film was a good medium of bringing a lot of audience, it did not do Justice in order to keep the information true and valid to the original story in the Bible, which actually should have been the intended purpose of the proposed film.

If anything less than the truth is a lie, then his film was not created for people to learn about the Bible, but maybe to promote an agenda? Many a times in the film, Russell Crower as Noah implies on the fact that humanity is a hazard on the planet and thus needs to be eliminated, and is enraged to find out that his daughter in law was pregnant. He starts a mad rush to kill his son’s newborn twin daughters and fights tooth and nail to accomplish his mission, even burning their boat on which they wanted to escape. Noah also implies a lot of stress on an environmentalist concern as he says in the movie “We must change.

We must treat the world with mercy so that the Creator will show us mercy… We must respect the ground, respect the rivers and seas. Respect the other beasts of the Earth. “. Also, when the original story says that God doomed the fallen angels to hell, then how can Noah, a righteous man is happy to have a helping hand from the fallen angels. This personally reminds me of the chapter “Hero Making”, except, this would be more characterized as “Villain Making” of Noah, who is shown as a barbarian savage, who is out to kill his own grandchildren.

The movie is specifically made to serve the purpose of making one theme to ring in the mind of the viewer- that humanity is bad and evil and harmful to the environment and thus everything, the land, the animals and nature should be of first preference over mankind. This sure is twisted, but wouldn’t the entertainment industry do anything to invest in their purposes, by hook, or by crook? After all, who controls Hollywood? And what is the purpose? To undermine self thinking, and to shape the thoughts of the public, rather than to let public think for themselves.

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