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Non-Verbal Communication

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Title: Written Assessmment 2 Module: Communications & Customer Care Tutor: Tom Edwards Name: Eilis Beattie Student No: G00263195 Course: HC in Arts Bar Supervision Date: 27th March 2012 Introduction For this assessment I have chosen to write about non-verbal communication being the foundation of the relationship between staff and customers.

I will be doing my research using the internet and books and notes given in class. I will be talking about non-verbal communication and how it is used between staff and customers.

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Non-Verbal Communication
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Main Body Non-verbal communication is communication without words, it is communicated by hand gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and body language it can also be sent and received through the clothes we wear and our hair styles. In the hospitality industry non-verbal communication is very important when dealing with customers. It is important to be able to read the signs of non-verbal communication as there are tell tale signs of when a customer is upset, happy, un-impressed etc. with the service you are providing.

It is also very important for the staff to act in a professional manner and to try to control their non-verbal communication as much as possible. Non-verbal communication can tell if you are being truthful to a person and if your listening to what they are saying. When the signals of non-verbal communication coincide with the words you are saying it can build trust, clarity and rapport with a customer, if they do not coincide with the words you are saying it can lead to mistrust, confusion and generate tension between staff and customers.

Non-verbal communication cues can play five roles, these roles are: * Repetition: they can repeat the verbal message that a person is sending. * Contradiction: they can contradict a verbal message. * Substitution: they can substitute a verbal message, for example a person’s facial expression can send off a greater message then the message given verbally. * Complementing: they can complement a verbal message, for example if a person shakes your hand to say well done it can convey a greater message then saying it verbally. Accenting: they can underline a verbal message, for example if a person pounds the table with joy or anger this can underline a message. Types of non-verbal communication: * Facial expressions: there are facial expressions for all emotions, happiness, anger, joy, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, these are the same in all cultures. * Body movements & Posture: the way you stand, move, sit, walk are all body movements. It is important for staff to sit, stand and walk properly to convey a confident and positive message towards customers. Gestures: these are hand movements such as pointing, waving, using them as we speak etc. some hand movements or gestures can be picked up differently in different cultures so it is important to use them carefully. * Eye Contact: eye contact between staff and customers is vital, this can form a bond of trust between staff and customers. * Touch: these are patting somebody on the head, tapping a shoulder, giving somebody a hug etc. it is important not to touch a person too often as this can invade their personal space and can be taken up wrong. Space: it is important not to invade a customer’s personal space as they may find this intimidating. * Voice: the tone and pitch of your voice is a key element of non-verbal communication, it can tell when you are angry, happy, sad etc. A key to good non-verbal communication is being able to manage your stress, by doing this you will come across as a calm person, this is vital as customers can pick up on a member of staff if they are stressed. Conclusion

I found this assessment difficult as I could not find much information on non-verbal communication being the foundation of the relationship between staff and customers. I managed to find a good website on non-verbal communication, however there was not much information on it about non-verbal communication between staff and customers. I wrote about the different roles that non-verbal communication plays, the different types of non-verbal communication and how non-verbal communication is important in the hospitality industry. References: http://www. helpguide. org/mental/eq6_nonverbal_communication. htm

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