Nonverbal Components of Public Speaking

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You can never be too rich or too thin. You can dress him up, button still can’t take him out. Good-looking lawyers make more money. Accepted Somewhat defies Humans Morality You can’t judge a book by its cover. Oaks are everything. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can never be too rich or too thin. You can dress him up, but you still can’t take him out. Good-looking lawyers make more money. Studies shows that personal appearance actually does matter quite a bit.

People deemed “more attractive” earn more money than their less attractive peers and personal grooming plays a large part in our perception off person’s attractiveness for both men and women. Attractive characteristics are defined as “those characteristics that make one person appear pleasing to another” (Hertz, 1996; Morrow, 1990). Even though we may say we should not judge Other people by the looks, we actually do just that. There is a basic standard for acceptable personal grooming in public-speaking situations.

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Poker face may be useful in card games but not in public speaking. You can use your facial expression to communicate your own interest in your topic, your agreement or disagreement with a point, your openness to an idea. Facial Expression Your face plays a central role in communicating with audience member, letting them know your attitudes, emotional states and sometimes your inner thoughts. Your facial expression is the movement of your eyes, eyebrows, and mouth to convey sections and emotions. If these expression do not come naturally to you then practice them until you are comfortable delivering them.

Nervousness can affect our posture making us feel awkward and act in ways we would never do in other situations. TO become aware Of your posture during a speech, practice your speech in the way you will actually give it One final word about posture and delivery: pay attention to the way you begin and end your speech. Posture Posture is the way we position and carry our bodies, and people assign meaning to our posture whether we realize it or not. We are perceived as confident and relaxed or tense and insecure based, in part, on our posture.

Gestures Gestures are movements, usually of the hands but sometimes of the entire body, that express meaning and emotion and offer clarity to a message. Three tips to help you in making gestures: Vary your gestures. Try to use different gestures rather than repeating only one gesture. Some gestures emphasize Use gestures that fit your message. Sometimes, a point needs extravagant gesture, at other times, a more subtle gesture is much more effective. “Nag MGM assists ay MGM thong imaginably Eng mashing Pygmalion as banyan.

Sill nag pathway an Hindi pa tapes nag labia in Boniface! ” Stay relaxed. Your gestures should flow with your words by trying to keep your movements comfortable and effortless. – Karl Med… Est. Mean Nolan Proteomics Effective speakers pay close attention to proteomics, the use of space during communication. Be mindful of how far you are from your audience as well as how elevated you are from it. (For example, a platform, or a podium) One of the strengths of skilled speakers is their ability to move closer to their audiences at key mints during speech.

Doing so will help you communicate openness and a willingness to engage in conversation with your audience. Technology and Delivery Technology refers to the tools speakers use to help them deliver their message. When you are thinking of using technology for your speech, Stay audience centered by asking yourself the following questions: Have I asked what types of technology will be available for me to use? Do I have time to prepare the materials I need to use that technology? Do I have the time to practice using the technology? Have worked out any glitches?

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