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Weaknesses of public speaking Essay

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As a speaker, everyone’s their own strengths and weaknesses in public speaking. For many people, having difficulty’ in researching the topics, identifying the audiences or conveying the message may be their main problems. But for me, finding the ideas, using the correct vocabulary and being more confident are three primary aspects of speechifying that I most want to improve. Today, I am going to share with you about my major problems and how I can handle them.

The first problem I would like to talk about is that I really get stuck at finding the ideas for my speech.

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Weaknesses of public speaking
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This is the most difficult part for me. For example, when I receive a topic about literary or chemistry, it will take me hours to find out the ideas. But in contrast, if the topics are about economy or science, a lot Of ideas will come up to me for seconds. It is because my knowledge does not cover enough for the fields that may not be interested in like literary, chemistry So, if I want to improve this weakness, all I have to do is balancing my knowledge.

Deed to read as hard as I can to cover up the knowledge of the fields that I missed so hat will have more ideas to talk about whenever I receive a topic, no matter it is my favorite topic or not. The second issue I want to mention is that am really bad at using the correct vocabulary for each topic. For instance, when I have already found out the ideas for my topic, I still have difficulty in choosing the right words to express my ideas. The reason is simply because I came from a different country where English is even not the second language.

Once again, to solve this problem, I need to get accustomed with the language, with he culture here. I have to read as possible as I can because it is the fastest and only way for me to obtain enough vocabulary for public speaking. The final problem that meet when I do public speaking is lack of confidence. It may happen to many people, but for me, it makes me feel extremely hard to express my thought when I stand in front of a place which has a lot of people. Am always afraid of using the wrong grammar, wrong vocabulary or my accent. It’s easy to understand because came from a different country’, with a different culture and language.

The only way for me to improve this weakness is that I need to free my mind from being scared of what people think about my accent, my grammar when I speak, and need to practice speaking in public whenever I have a chance. If I have to do a public speaking, instead of being afraid of what people may think about my speech, have to think positively like I have a good preparation, I speak with all my heart and people will accept it. Moreover, I will have the chance to practice speaking and gain experience so why shouldn’t I try my best?

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