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Public Speaking Self Reflection

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Public speaking has always been very hard for me, I’ve never been the type to stand in front of an audience and speak or do a presentation. No matter how many times I’ve done presentations I’ve always get nervous or shy and always forget what I rehearsed. In the military I was training Nco, everytime we had a new marine check in to our unit or are shop. I would be the one to give them and the A presentation on what is expected of them and also give them information about the unit and our shop.

In my opinion the Marine Corp prepared me for public speaking, especially if you where lower rank and your senior enlisted would throw you to the wolves and send you up there to give .

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Public Speaking Self Reflection
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What do you want to accomplish in this course? Whether I like it or not I been given the opportunity to talk to large crowds like a squadron or just a couple of people in the class.

My problems have always been the same getting shy, anxiety, and even sweating. Learn to analyze the size of the audience, I want to be able to captivate my audience and overall I just need to find the confidence in myself to do it. How would you plan to improve weak areas to accomplish your goals? Overall no matter how many times I do a rehearsal or practice I always get stage fright. Stage fright is my weakest area I have done rehearsals and private or with one or two people but when it comes to the bigger picture I always freeze. I need to learn to speak with confidence and try to get the audience involved instead of rushing the presentation or speaking very softly so no one hears me I need to be able to let the audience know that I am confident and the information that I am sharing is worth their time to listen and learn .

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