Normal Development of Functional Motor Skills The First Year of Life

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     The book “Normal Development of Functional Motor Skills The First Year of Life”, discusses various topics on the developmental milestones of a child from the neonatal stage to twelve months of age. The book provides very specific information with the anatomical/structural and motor development of an infant that is very essential in understanding comprehensively the developmental milestone of an infant.

     This book is very beneficial to allied medical professions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, pediatrics as well as students. The subjects and other information provided by the author fits to these medical fields of science. It is very useful and provides assistance to them in illustrations and summary pages. Another advantage of this book is that its information and discussion of its topics would strengthen their foundation of knowledge and competencies on handling cases of clients/patients under the infant’s age group. Students, teachers, instructors and researchers are as well beneficiaries of the informative topics of the book. It can be used as their reference for academic and research studies. Not only medical professionals can gain with the book but also mothers who need health education. It is a well-detailed book.

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     The subjects and topics are discussed comprehensively. They are sorted in an understandable manner. Physiologic and Motor development of an infant are the central fields being tackled. Information covered by the author was based on her field of expertise and supported by other factual medical articles and researches. The developmental milestone of an infant is very complex and it requires order and scrutiny

to understand it. The book had successfully made the discussion simple but detailed and complete. Explanations and elaborations of certain topics are very clear and do not contradict to facts.  The book uses fair illustrations and diagrams as to picture an infant with its development. It also has summary charts that simplifies and yet detailed the developmental milestone of an infant. These features of the book are very effective and useful in understanding the topics being discussed. The book’s title is appropriate with the contents of the book. It does reveal what can be found inside the book. It essentially delivers what the book has inside of it. The author managed to prevent writing factual errors, oversights and faulty assumptions in the book. The entire content of the book are all based on information and are proven or can be seen on other books.  The book is very useful and satisfying to read.


     Rona Alexander, Regi Boehme and Barbara Cupps. 1993 . Normal Development of Functional Motor Skills The First Year of Life . Therapy Skill Builders. Paperback Issue. A division of The Psychological Corporation, 555 academic court, San Antonio, Texas 78204-2498.


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