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Olympus Has Fallen is an action movie that revolves around a terrorist attack on the White House by North Koreans. The movie showcases the abilities and strategies to attack and survive and also exposes the loyalty and betrayal that people can have. However, the movie can cause fear in the audience because it is similar to the real-life situation between North Korea and United States. The visuals, music, and sounds are good and the actors have done a great job. Overall, it is an entertaining movie that shows how loyalty and courage can help fight against terrorism.

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“Olympus Has Fallen” written by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, and directed by Antoine Fuqua is an action movie about terrorism attacks from North Koreans to Washington and the White House. Starring Gerard Butler, Mike Banning is a guard for The President Benjamin Asher played by Aaron Eckhart. There are 3 important points to discuss. Within the theme in the movie, there is an advantage and a disadvantage; the good one, as the first point, is that it shows the abilities and strategies to attack and to survive. Also, it exposes the loyalty and betrayal that people can have. The bad one, as the second point, is that it can cause fear to the people because a war between United States and North Korea is something that is about to happen in real life.

Outside the theme, as the third and last point, the movie has good music, sounds, visuals, and great acting. Within the theme of the movie, there are too many great things. There are good strategies by North Korean, and the way they cornered United States; everything was planned without anyone knowing. They have their own signs to do the next steps and a lot of them are dressing like normal people. But the guard’s abilities, courage and even more important, loyalty, are the only hope to save the president and United States. The movie shows how these qualities are enough to fight when they are made with a good intention. However, there’s one disadvantage in the movie: the fear in real life. Unfortunately, a war between North Korea and United States is about to happen or at least that’s what they want us to think.

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The violence and the murders in the movie cause fear to the audience because right now Americans are very sensitive about the threat from North Korea. Obviously that is not the way the terrorists would attack because it is too perfect and planed; and in “Olympus has fallen” no one threated anyone. The effects in the movie are good; not the best ones but they are enough for an action movie (especially when the bombs explode and the buildings are falling). What I mean by this is that they would be exaggerated if they would try to do more. Usually, the music makes moments more intensives, especially the suspense ones and this time was not an exception. Music and sounds are put in the exact moment when they are supposed to be. The actors were great, and the perfect starring role is for Gerard Butler definitively. In conclusion, it was a very good movie.

The theme is excellent, it is entertaining, and it shows how people can betray you or how loyal they can be. The strategies used by the North Korean terrorists are so good but the abilities of the loyal are better. Unfortunately the theme of the movie can cause fear to the audience because of the real situation between North Korea and United States today, but still a very good movie. The visuals, like the design and the effects are good as the music and the sounds. The actors have just their perfect paper in the movie and they do very well. It was a very good movie.

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