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Once Upon a Time in Kolkata

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West Bengal as I was interested in only north India and Restaurants and that time I wasn’t obviously interested in Kola at all. When I said that I’ll go to Kola, seems like Thai people hardly know about this city. The first thing that comes to their mind when Thai people think about India will be the holy place of our Buddha – Bode Gay. Kola used to be the capital city of India before it was moved to Delhi so, there’s no doubt the importance of this itty.

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Once Upon a Time in Kolkata
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When I think about Kola, I always think about big city where has a lot of magnificent and splendid buildings with colonial architecture, home of Étagère and of course… Bengali. I can see the glorious past of this city from the buildings such as Victoria monument, high court, many poet and writer monuments and other old buildings along the road. One of reason behind city colossal palaces and western architecture is because it served as a base for East India company so, that’s why this itty got influence of architecture from British.

When I walked in this city, I can’t stop seeing these buildings in details as I felt like I was walking in London. One thing that I shouldn’t miss to write about is Indian. As everyone know that India is the 2nd rank of the most population in the world and I always imagined that I walked among these people. In reality, it’s so crowded wherever I went to. Every cars blow horn in every single minute when they’re on the road. It’s hectic, bustling, crowded but live. I can see high competition everywhere like in some restaurants I had to wait for long queue or crowded on the buses, trains and metro.

I saw some good things from this trip that I think that it’ll be advantage to improve my country if Thailand can do the same. One of good thing is cheap price of public The ticket of bus, train and metro are very cheap when comparing transportation. To Thailand and that’s good thing for people. Another one situation that I was impressed is in the third day there I went to Princes Chat monument and I saw a title boy around 5-6 years old who was reading the details of this place.

That detail plate is written in English and he can read it fluently even there were some mistakes but they were corrected by his dad who stood beside him. He made me impressed and surprised because he’s Just a little boy but he can read it. When compare to our kids, they can’t do like this. Only high school student here can read that plate. This is the failure of Thai education because even we learn English since we were child but we can’t use it in reality.

At least because of this situation made me knew that why most of Indians can speak English well. I wanted to visit India since I was 17 years old and it’s one of mission that I must do it before I die and finally, I did it. I’m impressed in everything there even sometimes I faced with bad things but I had never felt like I’m stranger for that place. I felt like I used to be there before and if Thailand is my homeland, India will be like my second home where I want to go back again and again.

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