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Online Colleges in US

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    Thinking of Online Colleges in US Today’s world is all about Internet, generally Online Colleges aims at providing an online education to the students through internet, rather than going and attending colleges in traditional campus setting, an online college refers to an online degree programmes offered by colleges and universities, here the students have liberty to learn each and everything through online without a teacher. Why online colleges? Initially Online Colleges concept was discovered in the year 1960, for the people who could not attend the campus, they strongly believed that they can communicate to the people over the internet, which will help them in pursuing their online degree programme, with the goal of bringing the higher education to all those who can access it, here they used computers and telecommunications to communicate than compared to traditional course which consists of buildings, canned lecturers, assignments etc.

    Concept of Online Colleges in US In 1960, Massive Open Online Course were introduced to develop distance Education, in order to provide online education service, makes student to study in virtual university with distributed learning materials rather than video lecture format and focus on education and learning, and Digital storytelling. A few popular MOOCs provided by various organization are: Coursera – offers online course by providing global education. Edx – provides interesting online course composed of short videos Udemy – inorder to improve their job related skills, many takes this course. Udacity – is an innovative online education provider.

    Opencourseware – it provides real course materials like lecture notes, problem sets etc. These are one of the best online colleges in us Capella University Colorado Technical University Liberty University Colorado State University Arizona State University Capella University – Tuition Fee ranges from $425 to $790,provides 1600 online courses with HLC accreditations. Colorado Technical University – Tuition Fee starts from $372, provides 109 online courses with HLC accreditations. Liberty University – Tuition Fee ranges from $275 to $595, provides roughly 300 online courses with SACSCOC accreditations. Colorado State University – Tuition Fee ranges from $496 to $1085, provides more than 450 online courses with HLC accreditations. Arizona State University – Tuition Fee ranges from $520 to $1397, provides more than 115 online courses with HLC accreditations. Technological requirements of online colleges in us Online course structure: Is your program asynchronous or synchronous? Your answer will have broad implications on the technology you’ll need, in asynchronous programs, where students work mostly at their own pace but may have to meet weekly deadlines as well. Hardware, software and internet: Be sure your technology equipment is up to the task. Some online schools provide specific hardware and software requirements and recommendations for online students’ devices.

    Device accessibility: Some programs may discourage the use of certain devices. For example, certain schools may specify that iPads and other tablets alone aren’t sufficient for completing all online coursework. If you’re planning to buy a new device, look into whether your university offers special student pricing through vendor agreements. Tech support: Before online classes start, research your institution’s sources of technical help, especially regarding your learning management system. for example, Indiana University offers help through live chat, phone, email,and free downloadable materials.

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