Online Education and Face to Face Education

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Online education is the latest and most common form of distant education in the today world because technology plays an inevitable role in our life whereas face to face education means students physically present in the classroom. Some studies show that online students slightly outperforming their traditional classroom counterparts, most indicate that there is little difference in overall performance the between two formats, according to the American Sociology Association”. (Morgan,2016). I believe that both online and face to face education provide knowledge but the difference between online and face to face education is most evident in interaction, cost and time.

First, in term of information, both online and face to face education provide knowledge. Similarly, students must use their time very effectively. For example, when the instructor gives assignments and other activities, students need to remember the submission date of that assignment in which given by professor. If the students can do it, they will get good grades. However, both gives knowledge, but students think that face to face education give the chance to contact with other peers and it is essential for building a sense of community.

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Second, students can able to contact instructor and peers whereas online education do not give the chance of socialization. In the face to face education, student’s presence in the class and if students have any query of any topic, they will get answer immediate in comparison, through online education students just send mail and waiting the reply. Another benefit is instructor teach some other topic like how to get job in future and how to do work in team. sometime instructor can offer written work for home like exercises and presentation but the students who chose online education they miss this type of activities.

Third, the cost is final factor of online and face to face education. If the students choose face to face education sector, they must buy books and pay tuition fees, but this is not the same case with online education. For example, in Canada, students have compass card, but the fees of compass card are $95, and the tuition fees can start at $1500 per term. In addition, by online education students think they save time because those students who attend lectures according to their schedule, they do waste time. similarly, Online exam have maximum time to complete it, but this is not happened in face to face education.

When the face to face and online education are compared on the base of information ,socialization and financial and time, we analyzed the face to face education is expensive but more effective than online education because it helps to gain information and make contact with mentor.

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