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Online Safetyand Social Networks

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A social technology is an online service or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, for example, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo .These technology brings huge benefits for many of us but also bring us many risks, such as bullying, crime and privacy issues.

The first problem of internet is there are increasing number of children have been bully online, new connectedness brings with a 24/7 frightening world of bullying. The Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study (ACBPS) research that 10 percent of students in years four to nine have been victims of online bullying.

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Online Safetyand Social Networks
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(McGilcray 2009) More worryingly, Kids Helpline have a online survey involving 600 respondents found that cyber bullying more associated with thoughts of suicide than any other type of bullying(McGilcray 2009). It is a very serious problem. Secondly, Cyber bullying is a kind of Crime and violent acts it also may cause the victims to suicide. (VEA 2009) For school and communities it can have embarrassing repercussion.

(VEA 2009)

An additional issue for the social technology is about privacy problem. Nowadays, people like to share more information online. They always just illusion that only there close friends can read it. That is a wrong concept, when you post it to be public, everyone can easy to find and read it, might be your teacher, employer and parents. (Office of the Privacy Commissioner 2011)Everybody can see your photos, comments, messages and wall posts that you have share and if you change your mind it is not easy to removable.(Stay Smart Online 2010)Also, Users who share address, telephone numbers ,birthday ,and other personal information are easy to used by criminals to commit identity theft.(Stay Smart Online 2010).

A strategy to solve the online bullying is family support. It is essential to have a trusting relationship between parents and children to end the ordeal. For personally, victim can ignore it, just let the bully go.

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