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Social Networks and Blogs in Everyday Life

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Everyday life is what a person does, feels, and thinks every day. Much of everyday life is automatic in that it is driven by current features of the environment as mediated by automatic cognitive processing of those features, without any mediation by conscious choice, said John A. Bargh[1] The sociology of everyday life is a branch of sociology. It investigates the meaning and organization of everyday life. Jack Douglas’s Everyday Life Sociology is an early statement of this field. [2]

Over the years, what people do in their everyday life has changed dramatically.

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Social Networks and Blogs in Everyday Life
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Different forms of media serve different purposes in an individual’s everyday life, so people are given the opportunity to make strategic and rational choices about what form of media; watching TV, using the internet, listening to the radio, reading newspapers or reading magazines, will most effectively help to accomplish their task. [3] However, people are increasing using the internet more and more everyday, over ever other form of media.

Even though many people feared that the Internet would not allow people to sustain quality relationships or valuable interactions, people are now using the Internet as a form of communication. Therefore, not only are people using the Internet as their everyday form of media, but also individuals are using social networks and blogs in their everyday life as well. The use of communication in the digital world has exponentially increased over the years as people have even developed an online language that combines oral communication and written language with features that are unique to the Internet. 4] Different social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and numerous dating sites, use this language to communicate efficiently and effectively, directly corresponding to why social networks and blogs are found to be used the most on the internet. Many people prefer this form of communication in their everyday lives, even over face to face communication or telephone conversations because it helps to conceal identities, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable and equal with one another. 4] This is why so many individuals spend so much time on these networking sites and blogs because it gives everyone an equal opportunity to share their thoughts without being judged immediately based on appearance, race, class, etc. Everyday life for individuals are different from one another, but there is a clear commonality that everyone shares, and that is the use of the Internet, mostly social networks and blogs, in their everyday life.

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