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The television series Undercover Boss is popular and recommended by some as a way for leaders to experience all levels of their organization and remind them of their employees’ needs. However, it is questioned whether it is ethical for a leader to go undercover and if it truly affects their behavior. There are also concerns about the prevalence of sociopaths in leadership positions. While the concept is entertaining, it is unlikely to produce significant results and companies should instead focus on hiring the right managers and monitoring the work environment through open door policies and HR departments.

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Even so, the series is popular and Coos recommend other Coos to experience being “undercover. Questions think it’s ethical for a leader to go undercover. Someone in a position to make policy should experience all levels of the organization. If they are sincere about caring for employees as well as making a profit, going undercover will remind a leader to that their employees needs are different at different levels. It really depends on the inner personality whether going undercover truly affects the Leaders.

Sure, in front of a camera someone can finitely portray themselves as noble but could behave entirely different in a Board room. An article written in the online magazine Big Think titled, “Leaders Are More Likely To Be Sociopaths” states 2% to 4% of the population are such Sociopaths and they get into the leadership positions maybe 8% or 10% of the time. It’s something to consider. Since we do not have proof that going undercover is more than surface affective I do not believe we should have our tax dollars spent on a government program to promote leaders to go undercover.

Something about government involvement doesn’t sit well tit me. Conclusion The concept of Undercover Boss is great for entertainment but in reality I doubt that we are seeing real results. Most companies want business and present a face of caring and altruistic on television and can use the show as a sales gimmick. If a leader truly supports employees and cares about the work environment they put into place methods to hire the right people as managers and monitor the work environment through open door policies and HER departments.

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