A Good Boss In Any Culture

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The article discusses the qualities that make a good boss and how they differ based on the type of business culture. The author suggests dividing cultures into specific and diffuse and lists universal features valued in a boss, such as professionalism and leadership by example. They then highlight the positive aspects of character that are appreciated in each type of culture. The diffuse type values understanding and empathy while the specific type values effective communication and respect for privacy. The author concludes that while no boss may possess all these qualities, working out an image of an ideal boss is important for self-determination and striving for self-perfection.

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It contributes to the whole idea of human values, it helps to define personal attitude towards career and its main goals. I suggest that we assume Fonts Trampolines division Of cultures into specific and diffuse as a Asia of this description. First of all, I’d like to single out some features off good boss which are welcomed in both cultures. Then I will dwell on the positive aspects of character that are typically appreciated in each type of business culture. So, among universal features valued in a boss I’d mention the following: 1.

Professionalism 2. Tolerance 3. Leadership by example 4. Respect for all employees 5. Value in all employees 6. Industry 7. Ability to find a compromise 8. Responsibility 9. Dedication 10. Discipline 11. Team building skills Now, there are some features that are mostly appreciated in the diffuse type f culture (personal space dominates public space). So, an ideal boss should be: 1. Understanding 2. Humane 3. Helping 4. Guiding 5. Like-minded 6. Empathic for employees 7.

Sympathetic And within the specific type (personal and public spaces are separated) a good boss is the one who possesses the following qualities: 1 . Ability to cooperate 2. Distinct goal-setting 3. Effective communication (able to articulate team goals, objectives and expectations clearly) 4. Transparency (able to engage in open, honest communication that is frequent, relevant and authentic) 5. Punctuality 6. Respect for one’s privacy There is no doubt that all these qualities are significant for efficiency and success.

However in different types of cultures the importance of some features prevails. Definitely, this list can be prolonged, as we say “there is no limit to perfection”. It goes without saying that there is hardly any boss in the world who combines all of them. But as I’ve said in the beginning, working out an image of an ideal boss is a necessary step in self-determination, because as you know what you want from your chief, you subconsciously start to strive for the same thus contributing to your self-perfection.

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