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Outline Of La Vie Est Belle Perfume Commercial

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Outline Of La Vie Est Belle Perfume Commercial

The setting displayed in the commercial and the people within the commercial reveal the audience the commercial is reaching out to and credibility of the perfume itself.

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Outline Of La Vie Est Belle Perfume Commercial
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Evidence/Supporting factors:
1. The ballroom setting gives off an elegant feel which is mostly associated with people of high status
1. The ballroom had beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and had diamonds displayed everywhere. Most of everything was made of diamonds (their puppet strings, decorations, the chandeliers).

This gives the audience feel like the environment was only open to people of high class and money. It also gives off the impression that by wearing that perfume they could be considered of such class themselves.

2. The contrast between the lightness and darkness aids to the message of the commercial and makes the audience feel as though the perfume could set them aside from others, making them better than those of high status. 1. The ballroom has very light deeming to it, giving off a very drawn out feeling of the atmosphere.

It makes the setting seem dull or boring almost. This contrast in light and dark is commonly used to portray good vs. bad by many writers such as Shakespeare. The same usage is used in this commercial. 2. The darkness in the room seemed to depress Julia Roberts. Her face expression and body language in the ballroom portrayed pure sadness and denial even. She looked around in astonishment and regret for settling to be apart of the darkness. 3. Light is seen as beauty and freedom. In some ways light is considered a symbol and god or godliness. To reach the light, Julia had to walk up steps. This almost gave off the idea that she was walking up to the light as you would going to heaven. The light amplified Julia’s beauty and she seemed a lot happier. When she walks out of the dark and into the light, she became more noticeable and grabbed everyone’s attention. 4. Every person in the commercial had on black/dark clothing. Both the women and the men wore black attire which gives off the impression that they are
all alike and that they are dull people. When you see people in all black, most assume they are mean or evil since the color itself is associated with it. 5. Julia Roberts was the only person that wore white clothing. That already made her stand out from the crowd and made her seem more as a nice and beautiful person.

3. The people in the commercial aided to the idea that the perfume was made for people considered high maintenance and of high social status
1. The guests at the ball where all wearing elegant clothing. The women had on beautiful, sleek dresses and diamond jewelry as accessories. The men wore suit and ties with expensive watches. These choices of attire gave off the sense that the guests at the ball had a considerably well amount of money and were highly ranked in their social circles.

2. The person pitching the perfume to the audience is the famous, award winning actress Julia Roberts. She is very well known and considered very high in society. She is movie royalty and very rich as well. She provides the commercial with outstanding credibility because of her stats in her career. It will also attract her fans and more than likely influence them to buy the perfume just because she wears it.

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