Outline Of La Vie Est Belle Perfume Commercial

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The commercial’s setting and its characters communicate both the target audience and the credibility of the perfume being advertised.

Evidence/Supporting factors:

1. The ballroom setting exudes an air of elegance typically associated with individuals of high standing.

2. The ballroom was adorned with exquisite chandeliers suspended from the ceiling, and diamonds were showcased throughout. Almost everything, including puppet strings, decorations, and chandeliers, was made of diamonds. This creates the perception that the environment welcomes only individuals of wealth and high social status. Additionally, it implies that wearing that perfume could elevate one’s own social class.

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The commercial utilizes the contrast between lightness and darkness to convey its message, suggesting that the perfume can make individuals stand out and be superior to those of high status. The ballroom’s lightness creates a prolonged atmosphere, evoking a sense of dullness or boredom. This use of light and dark is commonly employed by writers like Shakespeare to depict the dichotomy of good versus bad, and it is also employed in this commercial. Julia Roberts appears saddened and in denial in the dark room, with her facial expression and body language reflecting pure sadness. She looks around with astonishment and regret for choosing to be a part of the darkness. The concept of light is associated with beauty, freedom, and divinity. Symbolically, Julia had to climb stairs to reach the light, creating an image reminiscent of ascending to heaven. The light amplifies Julia’s beauty and she appears much happier. As she walks out of the darkness into the light, she becomes more noticeable and captures everyone’s attention. All the individuals in the commercial are dressed in black/dark clothing, giving the impression that they are all alike and dull individuals. Seeing people dressed in all black often leads to assumptions that they are mean or evil due to the association of that color with negativity.Julia Roberts stood out from the crowd with her choice of white clothing, making her appear even nicer and more beautiful than others.

The commercial conveyed that the perfume was designed for individuals who are considered high maintenance and hold a high social status. Additionally, at the ball, the guests were seen wearing elegant clothing such as beautiful, sleek dresses for the women and suits with expensive watches for the men. This choice of attire indicated that the guests were affluent and held prestigious positions within their social circles.

The famous, award-winning actress Julia Roberts, who is highly regarded in society, is the one presenting the perfume to the audience. Being a movie royalty and wealthy, she brings tremendous credibility to the commercial due to her successful career. Additionally, her vast fanbase is likely to be attracted and influenced by her endorsement, resulting in potential purchases of the perfume.

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