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Pacing and Imagery in Bukowsky’s “Dog Fight” Sample



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    In Charles Bukowski’s “Dog Fight” ( Kirszner & A ; Mandell. pp. 790-791 ) . we are treated to a first-person relation of a street race through the southern parts of Los Angeles. While the narrative itself is interesting and ( some would state ) tickle pinking. it is the construction and tempo of the poem’s diction that genuinely gives the narrative exhilaration.

    See the really first lines of the verse form: “he draws up against my rear bumper in the fast lane. I can see his caput in the rear position mirror. his eyes are bluish and he sucks on a dead cigar. ” While the description itself is nil particular. several elements combine to do the reader’s bosom beat a spot faster and the epinephrine flow. The first. and most obvious. is the cosmopolitan feeling of “road rage” we as drivers all feel at one point or another. be it on the giving or the receiving terminal. The state of affairs the talker describes would be nil worth acquiring aroused about were it to take topographic point at a halt visible radiation. but this happens while the two autos are cruising at a presumed high velocity down an LA expressway – a unsafe topographic point on a good twenty-four hours. and at normal main road velocities. to state nil of being challenged to a race.

    The talker continues to put a high-energy gait. with phrases like “he ups it 5 miles per hour. I do similarly. we are a team…” . meaning their common credence in this affaire d’honneur of marbless and engines ; “I hit the flasher and fire across 3 lanes of traffic. merely do the off-ramp…” . an crazily unsafe move even in the best of fortunes ; and “…then I see that the parking lane is unfastened. and I flash by interior of him and the Mercedes…” . another laughably unsafe ( and illegal ) move that displays their motiveless deficiency of consideration for safety. These phrases and the tempo of the words leave the reader breathless. experiencing their ain clasp on the wheel. their ain eyes scurrying side to side looking for the imagines walker or some old truck easy endorsing out of a thrust. Indeed. the talker finds himself in merely such a state of affairs. “…they do it as I power it and exchange back in front of them in their lane in order to lose a parked vegetable truck…” . himself narrowly debaring certain day of reckoning.

    The concluding one-fourth of the verse form falls back a spot. and gives the reader a sense of watching these three autos bobbing and weaving through traffic. as from above. in a chase chopper ; the imagination called Forth with “we are driving with a skilled unconcern. we are traveling in perfect choler. we are as a squad. nearing LAX. 1-2-3. 2-3-1. 3-2-1” giving the feeling of watching an Indy Car or NASCAR race from a safe distance. the lead places invariably switching. the autos traveling towards one unspecified end as if working together in a squad. This delivers a powerful image to the reader to wrap up the juncture. an open-ended stoping. one that ends with the dance of machinery and work forces traveling off into the distance on a crowded main road.

    One interesting fast one of this verse form is the velocity with which the words flow. giving brief description to the driver’s milieus or inside informations as to how they found themselves here in the first topographic point. All that affairs here is the bang of the pursuit. the velocity. the haste of air current over steel. the squeal of tyres against tarmac…all imagined. ne’er spoken. but relayed to the reader rather skilfully through the form of the light few inside informations we are shown in the maddening haste. Changeless marks of impending dander and certain decease are flashed by us: “…blasting past the forepart of an inflammable tanker…we veer down the incline in separate lanes to the signal…make the green as the Mercedes and bluish eyes run the yellow into the red…” While we aren’t shown the particulars of these brushs. it is adequate to cognize that they were at that place. present and gone once more in a flash. bury for the minute so that all eyes can concentrate full in front. scanning for the following danger. the following naming of a ardent decease.

    The emotions and imagination called Forth in “Dog Fight” are breathtaking in their velocity and simpleness. It is difficult to conceive of that this verse form could be told in any other manner. utilizing any other combination of words and slang to so keenly relay the sense of danger and adrenaline haste we see here. Bukowski masterfully crafts a absorbing narrative of route warriors dueling to a mutually-unknown triumph along the unfastened route.


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