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The Dog-Eaters and A Night in the Hills Analysis

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Even though it takes them to kill anybody they didn’t mind. Alih’s afraid to kill for whom he knows it not always right to kill but for Omar he is willing to kill just to get revenge for what he believe in their Moro legend that ” If a moro should kill someone and be killed in the process, then their Allah shall send a white horse to retrieve the soul and bring it to paradise and women are waiting for him”.

Unfortunately the legend was not true at all and an Imam tried to convince the brothers to not continue their plan.

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The Dog-Eaters and A Night in the Hills Analysis
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In the end, Alih choose to be with the woman in his love rather than having a white horse for after he sees his brother tried to kill the woman he adore which eventually led him to kill his brother. The story tells the about the traditions, beliefs and faith of Filipino peoples during the Spanish/ American colonization where Islam are against it for they wanted to preserve their rich culture that have been passed to them by their elders before the colonization.

REFLECTION : THE DOG- EATERS by Leoncio P. Deriada The Dog-Eaters is story about the consequences that happened in our life.

Throughout the story it revealed the suffering of the two couples Victor and Mariana. Victor who is a former body builder and club bouncer eloped with Mariana who is an undergraduate college student because she gets pregnant. From that phenomenon, it turn their lives into misery especially that she’s bearing another one in her womb. She can’t stand it anymore especially that they always fight with each other and that, she tried to abort her child by drinking some herbal liquid which she bought desperately from Aling Elpidia. She and Victor had a quarrel.

Victor threw the bottle of herbal liquid out the window and it was broken. Mariana pounded Victor with her fists but the man carried it. Suddenly, Mariana saw Victor’s dog Ramir, she killed the dog. She was being blinded by her feelings and emotions towards Victor that leads her life into depression and despair. The story tells that in every decision that a person will takes, there is also a corresponding consequences that will lead his/her life be successful or be living his/her in misery. And if he/she can’t handle these actions his/her life aybe ruined and regrets at the end.

A person should also learn to stand on his/her own if he/she wanted to continue in his/her life because after all he/ she made this happen. REFLECTION : A NIGHT IN THE HILLS by Paz Marquez Benitez It is a story about a man who had a dream about going to a forest, seeing something different than what he has been seeing for years. Gerardo Luna is being introduced, with the mention of his secret long-time dream of going to the forest. He tells her wife about such dream, but she brushes it off; thus, he forgets about that dream.

Then she dies. At last, he can fulfill his long-time dream especially that Ambo has come again, with stories regarding newly Opened public land on a forest plateau. So, the two of them plan to go to the forest. He experiences things that he has never though the forest has. Things start to “fall” when Gerardo realizes that the forest is not exactly what he has always dreamed. When he goes back home, Gerardo feels he should get back to reality. The story is simple yet it give great impression to the readers.

It shows how an individual wanted to seek freedom or experience that happen n his life for he is curious whats beyond the forest for he’s being told that living in the forest is nice and beautiful. But in the end his curiousity leads him not just what he imagine of and that thinks him things is not as always what they appear to be. by Morli Dharam Dada is story about boy who fearfully efforts to stand up to his uncle, who is their provider in the family to tell him that he needed money for his education. He explained how he study hard enough to continue college and become a doctor that he always wanted to be.

But his uncle just ignore him and yet told him what can you get when go to college and itjust a Filipino ideas that bring their children to college. But he defended himself that the money that being used by his uncle is from his father and received a big slapped on his face from his uncle. The story shows the differences being Filipino and Indian in terms in handling in their life of their children. Some parents they wanted to make decisions rather than consulting their children. It also shows how the children would feel by their parent’s decisions in their life.

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