“In the Heat of the Night” by John Ball – Symbols and Imagery Notes Sample

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The symbols in In the Heat of the Night” are heat, dark, billfold, slaying arm, and the colors black and white. The heat and dark are the strongest symbols as they represent anxiety, tension, and fear. The billfold represents money and the harmful effects caused by it, particularly in relation to Ralph and Delores. The colors black and white represent racism and the wrong nature of racial stereotypes. The handshaking is the most effective visual imagery as it shows the two races coming together and demonstrating equality. The author’s use of sensory imagery, such as sight, sound, smell, and taste, also adds depth to the story. Overall, the symbols in the novel enhance the story’s depth and add suspense.”

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The symbols in “In the Heat of the Night” are heat. dark. billfold. slaying arm and the colorss black and white. The strongest and most important symbols are heat and dark. The heat represents the characteristics of anxiousness. jitteriness. and tenseness. It besides suggests to the overall temper of characters. The heat has been repeated several times in the continuance of the novel. This symbol is showcased on page one. saying “The heat of the Carolinas in August hung midst and heavy in the air. ” On page two stating. “No java for me. Ralph. The heat is excessively intolerable. ” I believe that “heat” combined with “night” . enhances the feelings of suspense in this novel. Heat is besides a symbol of fury and hatred as Mr. Mantoli was murdered during a clip of great heat.

The dark is closely related to heat. As stated before. “heat” and “night” are used in a combination to heighten feelings of suspense. However. “night” itself represents fright and decease because it is in worlds to be afraid of the dark ( unknown ) . It is used to stand for intuition at dark. and that anything can go on at anytime without any organic structure anticipating it. Enrico Mantoli’s decease is a perfect illustration because it occurred at dark. These two symbols have symbolic significances to assist the reader understand the subject and the messages of the writer.

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The billfold is important to the mentality of the narrative because the billfold represents money. Money is a representation of despair and the harmful effects caused by it. During this novel. money makes people do unsafe actions without sing the effects. For illustration. as explained on page 178. to pay for Delores’ abortion. Ralph attacked and killed Mr. Mantoli for his money. Ralph’s deficit of money suggests his despair and defeat between him and Delores. Money played a immense portion of “In the Heat of the Night” as it began the whole slaying probe. It besides represents inequality and that inkinesss should non do doomed of money. ( pg. 15 )

The colors black and white represents the wrong nature of racism. This is because when Virgil meets people. such as Sam on page 15 and Gillespie page 18. they depreciated him because of his race. They used racial stereotypes which caused the people to believe that he lacked intelligence. However. while the narrative progresses. he shows the people in Wells that their racial stereotypes are wrong and that the African American people are really similar to white people. As you can see. the symbols in “In the Heat of the Night. ” enhances the story’s deepness and adds suspense to the novel.

The most important and effectual ocular imagination is the handshaking. It has a powerful consequence on the reader and the handshaking shows how the two races come together and demo equality. The author’s initial presentation of the character’s inside informations creates an image stay in your head. For illustration. Virgil’s descriptions are on page 14 and 15 and people can clearly see that he is really good self sufficient. An illustration of sight imagination is on page 37. “…panoramic position of the Great Smokies. Long rows of saw-toothed mountains lifted their extremums all the manner to the distant skyline. ” An illustration of sound imagination is on page one. “…its steady throb whizzing against the silence of the dark. ” An illustration of odor imagination is on page 14. “Sam sniffled the air…no fresh coffin nail fume. merely the accustomed olfactory property of all such railway stations…” An illustration of gustatory sensation imagination is on page 34. “Tibbs answered and spot into his sandwich. ”

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