Paradise Lost: The Truman Show & The Garden of Eden

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Cristof’s creation and the Garden of Eden parallel on many accounts and throughout both the simalarities and difference became quite clear. The two worlds had many elements of utopian thought which makes both worlds perfect. Furthermore, that element, utopianism, would make anyone want to leave because through reality we learn nothing is real.

Throughout “The Truman Show ,” and The Garden of Eden there were many elements that had simlarities between the two worlds of utopia. In the Truman Show and The Garden of Eden we saw that there was no violence, no crime, no hatred, no estruction.An example of how The Truman Show had no elements of crime, hatred or violence was whenever something bad happend, it was all an act that seconds later was cleaned up. For example, when Truman went to see what was beyond there was traffic.

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Second later in the same place, there was none. In the Garden of Eden, the reason for no violence, destruction and hatred was simply because that there was only Adam and Eve. Adam and Ever were alone, no one to influence them …. so they thought.

Another example of similarities was how Seanhaven was the perfect living nvironment.Seahaven had everything that anyone that doesn’t know about the outside world would want such as: places to go to let out frustrations, places to enjoy themselves but more importantly they made believe that it was reality. The Garden of Eden has many of the same environmental facts as Seahaven such as the fact that everything that Adam and Eve needed they received simply because everything was provided. Adam and Eve needed nothing more then to kill or take what they needed from the society which in every way was perfect.

The final part that had many similar lements between “The Truman Show ,” and The Garden of Eden was the fact that both Seahaven and The Garden of Eden had one Lord or Creator. Seahaven had Cristof as its sole creator. The Garden of Eden as we all know is God who was the know all and end all. The characters, Truman & Adam and Eve, where persuaded by different reaons but never the less curiousity made them want to experience the joys of new experiences and new life they only dreamed of.

In the case of The Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve the reason was that little voice in the back of your head telling ou that everything is going to turn out better then how it started. In the Garden of Eden, the little voice just happend to be The Devil himself. The Devil persuaded Adam and even into going into the forbidden tree to eat some forbidden fruit. He didn’t haveto beg and plead, he didn’t have to make offers.

All he had to do was say that its new, its exciting, its something you want. Truman had an influence, not quite like the one Adam and Eve had, but never the less an influence.His influence was his love outside of the show. The women he met for brief seconds in one of his hows has become the reason for being.

Everytime he was on TV, she sat and watched with great anticipation. Especially when he was in the proccess of creating a composite picture of her so he could never forget her. Truman and Adam & Eve had one main similarity, that being the curiousity of living outside of the perfect world. Truman started to realize that sometimes with life you rather live through the bad only to know that the good is actually there.

Its the whole reality issue where when something happends that is so good and keeps you so high off the ground that you ose touch with reality, imagine living in that world. That is what Truman lives every day. The thought of saying the same thing over and over again to the point where it sounds like a recording was not something that Truman wanted to live through the rest of his life things like ” Good Mourning, and if I don’t see ya, have a good afternoon, a good evening and a good night ,”(The Truman Show) was not something that Truman wanted to keep living .At the end of the movie, we see that Truman used that to show Cristof he was tired of the same old thing.

Tired of living through that, that is why he went through the door and ended by saying ” If I don’t see ya, have a good afternoon, good evening and good night “(The Truman Show). The curiousity in which Adam & Eve fell prey to was being gullible to what seemed to good to be true. They wanted something different then what they wanted. They needed some change and when the option came about to try this tree, they needed little to no pulling of the toe to do it.

The reaon for doing such an act was simple, the idea of trying something new was more ppealing then living, to us, seeming to be the perfect life. The difference’s between Truman’s belief and thoses of Adam & Eve’s belief in what they were gaining differed tremendously. The Garden of Eden was a place of perfection. Thoses of a christian religion believe that this place was our Eldorado so to speak.

When Adam & Eve lost this place it was believed that Adam & Eve were depressed at what they lost and were certainly not excited about what they were going to gain.Imagine living in the riches area in the world and all of a sudden you are moved to a ghetto. To some people what you have is a kingdom but after you have lived the good life younever ever want to go near anything less than that but because of the greedy-ness of Adam & Eve, we ended up being a part of a world that is exactly what Adam & Eve never wanted. One of pollution, violence, hatred, destruction and of war.

Truman on the other hand believed in what he was gaining was the best thing in the world. Finally Truman was about to get what he wanted, reality. Truman rathered the world he was gonna receive because finally he could be himself.Finally he could ive a life that was not pre-conceived.

Truman idea of an ideal world was different from that of Adam & Eve because of the simple fact that Truman thought that reality, our reality, was real rather than believing the philosphy of Adam & Eve which was the perfect world was a world of harmony. The belief may have been different but Adam & Eve as well as Truman lived in the perfect world. Adam & Eve believed nothing was better. Truman believed nothing else could be worst.

In comparing both story and movie we learn that sometimes life is not worth living unless its real.

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