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Parking Problem at Mclennan Community College (MCC)

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  • Pages 4
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    A person faces many types of problems in his/her life on daily bases whether it can be a personal problem like problem in relationship and financial problem or it can be social problem like traffic jams every day and parking issue every day at college. There is a vital difference between both personal problem and social problem is that personal problem is faced only by you where as social problem is every one’s problem. I also have a problem in my life which I face every day that is parking problem at McLennan Community College (MCC). This is my problem which I face every day in the morning at my campus. This problem will increase by time because McLennan Community College is increasing every year as new students take admissions. There is very minimal time left for the authority to come up with some solution otherwise it can be a big issue in future. I have a solution to this problem which if implemented can solve some of the problem not fully which is building new parking lots. As we look at the McLennan Community College Map, we can find that there are many land areas which are covered with grass and not all but some of them can be used to increase parking facilities.

    Most of the area cannot be used because they are slope area or forest area where nothing can be done but there is some area which can be converted into parking lots that are area which are flat lands and can be converted into parking lots. This idea can be easily come in presence if higher amount people are hired to work on it and distribute their work like some people can make land clear and some can make it into a parking lot. The cost to implement this idea would depends on what amount of areas need to be converted into parking lots but it is not so expensive that cannot be work. According to Gary Cudney, President/CEO include prices per cities in his article shows that our nearest city Dallas cost $50.91 per square foot and $16,977 per space. So, we can aspect prices around these figures and these can be easily invested in parking lots to reduce some amount of problem. This need to be done because as I already told you that this problem will increase more and more in upcoming years and now, we got time to overcome this issue as it is not as serious problem right now.  Baylor University, a private Christian institution located in Waco, TX, has been experiencing campus-wide growth. Baylor’s Department of Parking and Transportation Services, comprised of seven staff members, enforces nearly 11,000 spaces on campus for a population of approximately 20,000 faculty, staff, students and visitors. They were also facing the same issue as we are facing now.

    They also email notification regarding the vehicle. They also provide hassle free visitor parking as LPR system could issue parking citation for vehicle which are not registered on system. The citation work for 30 days and after 30 days if the vehicle appears on campus the software automatically voids the citation. This solution can also be used in McLennan Community College as an alternative idea but there is a problem implementing this problem which is the LPR system is expensive than building new parking lots. So, this alternative couldn’t work in our case as per financial requirement. According to David Vills, some university have taken advantages for the lack of parking on their campus by selling over-priced parking passes and permits. Students at the University of Utah has to pay up to $600 for their parking permits.

    The University of Buffalo issued 17,750 citations in 2016 and the University of Central Florida issued over 43,000 ticket in 2016. Some students were ready to pay the amount just to reach class on time. Instead, University and Colleges needs to provide students reliable transportation system which can help them to reach class on time and doesn’t have to face parking issue again. We can also try this transportation system for students to make them reach college on time but there is already buses available in the campus, so this idea also cannot work for us. Due to this parking issue students have to spend 15-20 minutes in the parking lots to find a space for their car to park and it also affect their study because if they don’t reach class on time, they could miss the lecture as well which is unacceptable. I am also one of the students who faced these problems every day that I have to leave home 15-20 minutes earlier because to reach on time in class as every day I have to spend 15-20 minutes to find a parking space which is every day story for me.

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