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Animal Rights Parking

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Elizabeth Woodson
ENG 101/ Dr. Sands
December 3, 2014
Solution Paper/ word count#1185
Solving Parking for Motorcycles
There is a problem on Mesa Community College campus, this problem involves all the motorcyclist and the others who drive around them on where they have to park. MCC does not have enough motorcycle parking for all of us bikers. The reason for this is Public Safety thinks it is safe for all motorcycle, scooters, and ATV drivers that they think it will be safe and enough space for us all to park in the cautionary strips (Safety).

That is the problem because that is not enough space for us all due to how many of us there are on campus. There is over hundreds of us riders parking our precious bikes and such in the strips.
Mesa Community College has only four areas that are blocks of cement, designated on the east side of campus, but not all motorcyclist park there due to their classes are all over the campus and they usually park where the first class is.

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Animal Rights Parking
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Those four areas for the motorcycles can hold up to four average size bikes. The first class for most of the bikers is on the southwest parking lot and west parking lot of campus and there is no special parking for motorcyclist on those sides. The motorcycle parking on the east side of the building are the first ones in the parking lanes which you can see that is off set with the handicap parking to not cause any hassle (College). I have not seen many other motorcyclist using the east parking as spots, the most seen using the spots is about two to three rarely four bikers.
I am a fellow motorcyclist and I am very cautious on where I park my Suzuki Intruder, is my first motorcycle and I do not want anyone to harm my bike even though it is an older model and does have a few dents and dings, but I do not want other people and their vehicles putting any more damage on my motorcycle. The cautionary strips can hold many bikes and scooters like up to six, which is depending on the size of the…

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