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The following passage from 1Corinthians 10:31 has several different areas that explain the meaning such as: The setting of the passage, the historical context and date of the writings, the major theological theme or themes, to whom the passage was historically written, the characters in the passage, and after reading, my own opinions about the passage. “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatever ye do, do all to the Glory of God.” Up until a while ago, I never would have thought that one phrase could have such a large meaning in a person’s life

The setting of the passage of 1Corinthians 10:31 is in Corinth, which was located on a very constricted isthmus or peninsula of land. Also the capital of Greece, Corinth was the main area for the commercial and exceptionally resourceful lives of the Greek. . The city attracted tradesmen, businessmen, artists, philosophers, and several different types of people from all around the world. The Jewish residents at one time built a large synagogue in Corinth to worship God. Corinth was the center of trade in the Mediterranean, and also had a reputation of luxury along with the sacred prostitution and sexual vice.

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The date and historical context along with the varied audience targeted in 1Corinthians is and interesting story in itself. The church in Corinth was established by Paul between 45 A.D. – 60A.D., during and eighteen month stay on his second missionary journey. Written by Paul, this letter was to resolve problems that had recently risen in the newly established church in Corinth. . The Corinthians were proud of there knowledge and considered themselves to be spiritually mature. Corinth was primarily a Roman colony and many of its citizens emigrated from Italy. Greeks, Levantines, Jew, Romans, Greeks, slaves and aristocrats significantly enlarged the population.

The major themes and issues of the passage relate to other characters in this passage. The main characters were Paul and the Corinthians, which stated, “We must order ourselves in such a way that we seek not ourselves, but gods glory, and so the salvation of as many as we may. In which the apostle does not thrust himself to the Corinthians as an example, except so that he calls himself back to Christ, to whom himself regard” In my opinion this theme stated that love more so than knowledge, set the basis for Christian moral values. The theological slogan that the Corinthians adopted to give good reason for behavior was “All things are lawful to me”. Paul declared his own doctrine of Christian liberty but the Corinthians needed to comprehend that the “lawfulness” of any given behavior was qualified by its “helpfulness”. Sometimes there were cases that Christians would eat what had been offered to idols, without sin. As Christians we cannot consider what is lawful, but what is expected and show to others. In all things that we do and aim for in life, we should seek at the glory of God, at satisfying him and honoring him. From my point of view, even the smallest things we do in life, we need to see the glory of God. In all things that we do whether of civil nature or religious, keep God and his glory in view.

1Corinthians has many different areas to explain the meanings such as: setting, date, theological themes, historical importance, characters, and to whom the passage is written.

The passage in my own thoughts has several different meanings. But the one that strikes me the most is: the way we see life may not be the way the bible comes out and says it and it may not even be the way it’s to be understood. But I do feel that the lord has put each person earth with love and to do a job. Each day were blessed when we wake up and are surrounded by the ones we love. And no matter what we do, behind every thing that we do, keep god in your mind and in your heart.

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