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Pastoral Integration Narrative Reports and Reflection Papers

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On that day of our integration R. E 104, I feel very excited because it was my first time to go in jail and a little bit nervous of course, because I know people out there are criminal and we did not know their attitude particularly what they think about, so I come-up to the mystic that “I need to be responsible in my actions”. We arrive there on time exactly 1pm we have our attendance, my first impression are: This place look like hell, seol, hades and any bad perception in that place where detainees look like sardines inside the hall.

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Then I and my partner keep holding hands together while observing around. We went inside their campus performers start to perform their prepared dance intermission they perform ordinarily but moves extraordinarily like floating in the air, jumping and doing exhibition new to your eyes, we are amazed at the first place, after that we enter into their visiting area for our one-on-one interview must take place.

So I met Ms. Michelle Maay 18yrs. old, her case was rebellion, she was novice detainee almost 1yr. f imprisonment. At her young age supposed she must be in school rather on jail. We talk like friends; she is very open to me. She answered everything I ask to her smiling, though she says that it was that difficult to be in that place.

Our integration did not last longer because our time is very limited so time to say good bye, I thank her and give my little tokens as a sign of my appreciation and as a sign of my gratitude also. 1 Narrative Report Berguia, Norie Mae AB-Psychology 1 On January 19, 2013, 1:00 – 4:00 p. , that is our schedule to visit in the city jail, during that time before to open the gate of the jail, I feel nervous, because that is the first time that I enter in the jail, I have many WRONG expectation, but when we started to enter the jail the inmate is very excited all of them is smiling, I feel that all of them is happy. And also all of them are very talented. All of us are speechless because the behavior of the inmate is very friendly, when we enter in the big conference room; I wish that I hope my inmate is a girl. When the inmate enter into the conference hall, perfectly my inmate is a girl, in that is Ms.

Jenibeth I. Odrunia, nickname; Bebe, she is 24 years old, she belong in the 4 siblings, and Ms. Odrunia case is RAPE, when I heard about her case, I was shock because I thought that somebody do that case is Men, on the story of Ms. Odrunia she says that she is one of the victim, because during that night Ms. Odrunia bonding with her friends and she says that she drunk that night she don’t know what they do, and she didn’t know about their friends, she accuse that Ms. Odrunia rape one of her friend, and Ms. Odrunia says that because of money she accuses rape.

She is almost (1) one year and 2 months in the jail, on January 30, this is the last hearing of Ms. Ordunia, and God’s well Ms. Odrunia was out on the jail on March. And she says that when she gets freewill on a jail, she continued her course, and Ms. Odrunia wrote a difference between the jail and in the outside of the jail. ‘‘The difference between the outside are I have a freedom but here inside the jail has a big change, because you have t adjust with your attitude so that we must face it. If I’m already in free surrounding or I mean my case closed.

I am happy to have my freewill in my life”. And Ms. Ordunia says that “continue dreaming till we achieve our goal. Maybe I make some mistakes but I don’t have any feelings to lose hope. I know that this is a trial in my life”. 2 Narrative Report Salazar, Godessa Gyn Amor S. AB-PSYC 2 January 19, 2013 past 1:00 pm, I arrived at the South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center with my classmates’ fellow RE 104 students. It was my first time to visit the provincial jail to be a dark place, fully guarded, full of peril and evil looking people… but I stand corrected.

The place was open, not literally but the detainees are somehow free in their compound. That they can move around do what they had to do. Thought it’s evident that the place was guarded, I felt that the security was somehow loose. Well, maybe because my sense when I saw those who were inside the jail cells, the tatted ones who looked like they had no sleep. The thing that is different from what I imagined though is the aura, it was lighter when I saw some of the detainees who looked happy to see us, especially when we got inside the mess hall and they started singing.

It made me realize that maybe, just maybe they were changing despite what happened to them, that they found positive things to help them cope like dancing, singing, making products and getting closer to God. Anyway, when we were waiting at the mess hall, I didn’t know how to describe how I’m feeling. When the detainees lined up and approached our table, I can overhear my seatmates hoping that theirs will be a woman or someone who is not scary. In my head, I actually didn’t have any preferences but I just hope that whoever it will be, I can learn from him/her and finish the integration in peace.

The anticipation has ended and I come to face a man, well, I’ve never seen him before but he started our encounter with a smile. He was brown, medium-built, dark-haired, about 5’1” tall. He seemed friendly so I wondered how he ended up there. This fueled my curiosity which started our conversation. His name is Mr. Alfred Tuballes, 44 years old from Polomolok. He worked at Dole before he was detained and he had a wife and two kids. But sadly, he and his wife had been divorce for 9 years now.

His children, in the care of his wife, are now in Australia where they migrated. This quite saddened him because when he was in Polomolok, no friends visited him. The one who does is his mother, his father being long gone and his kid. Now, here in Koronadal, no one comes to visit him due to distance and he misses them, especially is family. That’s why he and his fellow inmates felt happy when they heard that we are going to visit them, that at least they can see faces from the outside world, which they can talk to, share their experiences and maybe inspire.

I asked him how he ended up here; he told me that he was imprisoned due to possession of illegal drugs. He told me that he was framed up in Mati with twenty peso mark money and a stick of marijuana. The act only lasted for fifteen minutes then the police showed up. 3 He was detained in Polomolok for two years and he spent his one year here in Koronadal. He has been to 11 hearings so far but believes that someday he’s going to be released soon due to lack of evidence. So I asked him that if he was going to be released what would he do. He answered that he will start anew.

Live a life far from how he lived because admittedly he said that the errant when he was younger. And he wants to change that because he doesn’t want to end up in jail again, he says it’s too sad, not to be able to do what he could’ve done when he was outside. Not being able to work and have a stable income, have a home, be with his family is hard. Here they only have few possessions and they create products to fend for themselves, that though it’s a low amount to maintain [they have a 20 peso per month quota], it doesn’t change anything because he is not free.

Their normal routine was just loop, repeating the same thing every day. Inside the SCDRC he said that he’s one of the trusted officials, I don’t know how that works but they have perks like they can go around, go gardening and do stuff. He told me that each cell h s 49 people in it and the regulars, the girls, the quarantines are separated. He was in a different group but he was assigned to be helper in the quarantine. He also shared that now he feels that he’s closer to God unlike how he was in the past that he doesn’t even read the Bible.

But now he realized every wrong that he’s done and is willing to change for the better that he even preaches to his fellow detainees as Seventh Day Adventist. We ended at that when I heard that we were going to give bundle of joy. I took it out of my bag and he was happy when he saw it. I was just a simple gifts but it brightened him up. Then they said that it was time to go. He said that he was going to give me something and wait for me outside the mess hall. Well he did and gave me one of the products he handcrafted. It was one of those plastic flowers made from straw. It was orange and finely made.

I thanked him from the heart and went my way. Afterwards there were more dancing, more photo ops, and product selling, then I went home with my classmates where I brought my experience and learning’s with me to ponder on and reflect. 4 Narrative Report Gardose, Rosa May S. BSBA – MM1 Last January 19, 2013, the R. E 104 class under Mrs. Gina Lyn Galas conducted a Pastoral integration at the South Cotabato Provincial Jail and Detention Center, Koronadal, South Cotabato. Our mission is to interview inmates about their life inside the jail; to have an open conversation to the detainee that we will have to interview.

At first I don’t want to go to jail to have the integration. Because that time I have no more money. I felt shy to that somebody that I am going to interview because first of that I haven’t some kind of offering to share with. But my friend Liz texted me and encourage that even if I have nothing to give, at least my cooperation is the most important of all. And at that time I decided to go together with my classmates. I felt nervous because we are going inside the jail and interview them. When we are already there, we saw many inmates inside that waiting to us, to welcome us.

The selected detainees welcomed us with their dance number presentation. After that we went to their function hall wherein this place we will conducting our interview together with the detainees. My respondent named Ms. Gina Uhao; single lived at Surigao, a simple kind and a hard working daughter of her parents. At the young age she experience to work to sustain their daily needs. At that time s met a friend, she said that her friend encourage her to work at Tacurong to be a waitress in one of the restaurant there.

But unfortunately, it is not there work, when she knew that this is a frame up, she decided to escape, and work to other. Ate Gina’s case was drug trafficking that according to her 3 years ago, it was happened at Tupi, South Cotabato. Where in her friend invite her to stroll at their place. Unfortunately, she does not know that her friend is under surveillance by the PDEA. At the time ate Gina was also captured by the PDEA. That was the reason of why she is inside the detention center. After that we talk also about my family and her.

We became good friends. She is a humble and ready to listen of what I am saying about my problems and mother matter. I ask her also of what is the difference of that when you are inside the detention and of that you are outside; ready to get to what you are wanting into your life. She said that being there inside; many of your aspects in life were changed. This time, she is waiting for her hearing to close her case. 5 Narrative Report Sulia, Rochelle T. BSCpE-4 It was a bright Saturday afternoon when we arrived in the Provincial Jail of South Cotabato.

Here we go again, another opportunity would come to us, an opportunity to experience of “being in the world” that molded us to become better human being, an opportunity to give total selfless love to our brothers and sisters in jail. At first we signed-in to the log book but still we are on the outside of the jail, after that we fall in line so that we could be able to get in to the jail but before that we need to surrender our jewelries, cell phones and other things for security reasons. We are now currently in the jail, inmates welcomed by dance number it was beautiful dance number.

As I looked around, everything seems to be a normal, the people there is looking ok but in the back of my mind asking is there really ok? To know the answers to my questions, by the inmate’s choir and it was a nice performance. Interview portion begin, I introduced myself first and after introducing my name I ask her name. Her name is Gella Samangka, 26 yrs. Old from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. She is a T’boli, mother of 2 children namely Rose, 8yrs. Ra-rap, 3 yrs. Her father and mother is both farmer, she has 4 siblings and she is the youngest among them.

Her case is murder but according to her she did not the victim. It was her friend Mando. Mando killed his friend because of love triangle then I ask her why did you get involved in this kind of situation? She answers, because I was there, I witnessed how Mando killed his friend and after that he runs away. I did not run because I did not kill but the police arrested me. After hearing her answer, I feel piety on her. Then the only words uttered to my throat are that God sees the truth but waits maybe it’s not yet the time but it will come sooner or later, just believe. After that she smiled at me.

Interview portion ends and picture taking starts and after the picture taking I give my small gift to her and luckily she loves it. Another intermission number is given to us by the inmate’s dancers. After the heartbreaking dance number the inmates show us their beautiful product made from raw materials. Some students buy it including me and after that we give our sweetest goodbyes and we got home. 6 Narrative Report Juele, Shaider B. AB-PSYCHOLOGY 2 R. E 104 classes conducted a pastoral integration in provincial jail where in I interviewed a certain person that committed wrong against law.

When the class entered the jail the prisons are conducting an entertainment where in they perform a hip-hop dance that makes felt nervous when they are performing dangerous stunts. After that, I interviewed one of the prisons that so very shy because he is a new convict, his using an illegal drug that results to be convicted. But before the interview start, the prisons choir performs doxology, and national anthem. The name of the convict I interviewed is Roland Jamellaren; he is 31 years old, living in Municipality of Surallah, single and available.

He said to me that he arrested together with his father because the using of illegal drugs is in their house, so cam say that they are hosting the sessions. I asked him that what he would do if he got out today; he said that he would continue his education by finishing a course in TESDA just to allow himself another chance to live his life. And one thing he said that he will seek his true love when he gets out and maybe making a family of his own. Roland is implying that he wants to change his lifestyle forget about the mistakes of the past and make his own future via the help and guidance of God.

I can see that Roland is really struggling to be a new person, but I told him that if you just believe in God’s plans, no matter what happens you will achieve it. I hope that Roland can attain his goals, and find his true love and completely change his life. 7 Narrative Report Egasan, Ana Marie Grace C. BMLS-1 Last January 19, 2013 my classmates and I, and other R. E class have conducted our R. E pastoral investigation in South Cotabato Provincial Jail. I arrived there exactly 1:00pm in the afternoon. When we arrived, we signed our attendance sheet and we have to form a line as we enter in the gate of jail.

They need to check us individually and get all our cell phones because cell phones are not allowed. Me and my classmate were seated on the chair some inmates are busy for the preparation of their intermission number. After a short presentation, I was told to go to their dining area because our interview activity will start in a few minutes. I was only given short time to talk to the inmates. My respondent Mr. Gorgonio Española, 45 yrs. Old; he was a tricycle driver and was living in Banga, South Cotabato before he was imprisoned. And he was imprisoned for almost 9 yrs.

He has 4 children with his wife and they were staying in Butuan City. As I start to ask him questions, I ask him “what do you feel when you’re inside the jail? ’’ He answered me “it’s not easy to be here imprisoned because every day I am praying for the bad things that I’ve made and I am far away with my family and I was not able to meet my obligations as a husband to my wife and a father to my children. ” He told me also that sometimes when his child visits him in jail he gives money to them when they go home. And I ask him, “Where did you get the money?

He answered me that, “I am working here inside the jail,” Diskarte lang “in a good way. He has a small store in the jail which gives him an income which helps to support for his daily needs. As our conversation goes along, he mentioned to me the reason why he was imprisoned. He accidentally killed a person because he was drunk and can’t control his temper. He said that it was not his intention to kill that person because he is out of his mind. Now, he was a servant of God and desired to be a good and a better person. A few weeks they will be sent to Davao City for them to be set free.

As our conversation ends I gave him a simple bundle of joy and he was very thankful that he shared some of his experiences his life. After these, we took pictures with them and other inmates starts to sell their products like flowers that was made out of the plastic straws, etc. then I went home and I’ve realized that this is one of my unforgettable and memorable experience in my life. 8 Narrative Report Lavada, John Laurence P. BMLS-1 On the 19th day of January 2013 at exactly 1:30 pm in the afternoon, I’ve arrived to our destination, South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention

Center. We were entertained by their dancing inmates who have been performing at its superb level. In all honestly, I was really impressed by their performance. After that, we were guided to their function hall where each one of us was paired with an inmate. My respondent was Raquim Saylola. He was framed-up or accused of drug possession during the police raid at their place. He was a father with 4 children and is separated with his wife. He’s the only one supporting the family and is difficult for him to leave his children and be away from them.

He had said that his first time in jail was a little bit okay but it’s really different compared to the outside world. He had staying behind bars for about one month while his case his going on. He is still hoping that he will be acquitted in his case for him to be with his family again. After several minutes of heart to heart talk with him, I’ve decided to give my little gift and say my goodbye. That experience was unforgettable and I hope that there would be a next time for me to go there and visit him. 9 Narrative Report Gedoria, Joemar G. BS CRIM-1

Thinking on what to do first as, I wake up in the morning. It made up my mind with many things to do. As an early routine I pray to God first before I start my day. I have to go to school whether I like it or not. When I was attending in my class on RE 104, my teacher announce that we are going to the jail to look forward in a factual situation of inmates at present and to conduct an interview. Although it was not announced readily when, it makes me feel unconscious on what to do. I was anxious for it will be first ever experienced in a jail. A prediction comes in and out in my mind.

Some of them are positive in view but most of them are negative in sight. I ask a lot of questions to those who had already experience to enter in a population of inmates. I feel alleviate for they told me that inside the community of inmates is quietly peaceful. Day had come, the given schedule was final. Less than an hour I have to prepare for my gift to be offer to my inmate. And unfortunately I did! While waiting outside the jail I feel unconscious to myself. Crowd of students were so noisy while waiting for the time to enter. I can see in their face that they are very excited in that moment.

Rules and regulations were being presented and I listen well for it is needed. Now! We are entering inside, walking in a basketball court of the jail I fell tension then. Everybody was looking on us. But I ignore it at first, I know sometimes they fell boring there and it was a time for them to see a group of students coming from outside of their community. Inmates were there already I keep myself busy on looking at them. Finally I’ve known already the assign inmates. It feels me contented that he answers my questions well and was capable to share his experience in life. Rowell Valencia was an assigned inmate to me.

He was the youngest in their family and was born in a year 1972. They were six siblings of Valencia family. Unfortunately they become four only, because their two sisters died. His father was a tricycle driver of Koronadal City. While his mother open up a business called sari-sari store. He fell in love with a young lady named Melanie Ablaga and as born in a year 1976. They got married and gifted with two little cute children. They were Diana Lou Valencia and Rowell Valencia Jr. respectively. Through the lack of financial support on his family the married couple decided to go to Manila to make living.

Rowell works as a loyal janitor in a certain institution, while his wife works as a housemaid. Life has not been easy for them. Their two children got to be separated to each other. 10 And the younger brother stays at Ablaga family in Barangay Morales. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and even years had passed away. The father of Mr. Rowell Valencia died due to the disease “High Blood”. So it was his only mother still continue to strive for their living, she was already 68 years old now. The two couples Mr. and Mrs. Rowell Valencia decided one day to go home where they start.

Friends of my inmate request to go for Disco in their Barangay, for fun. They get drunk much. Encountered also a drunken one which creates a chaos between his groups of friend; accidentally in purpose one of a friend of my inmate stubs the enemy of them. Unfortunately in that same situation Mr. Rowell Valencia was being accused as a murderer of that said crime. His friend who had really done the crime looks for some places to hide of being afraid to be in jail. A fact that proves that my inmate is innocent in the said crime. But he is now in “provincial jail” suffering for what he never did. What about his family?

His wife show support in his situation just once, he was being visited in the jail by her. But after that his wife found another lover. His wife forgets him as a husband. My inmate respects actually her decision. Because he believes that there might be someone else out there willing to love him back unconditionally. He had been in jail for four years. Four years that he misses to be with his children and family. Do individual happiness and the relief of human suffering really represent the supreme expressions of good in society today? Are things that cause us happiness as individuals always good for us?

Those are questions which appeared into my mind after I interview my inmate. Why do we used to suffer? My inmate is said to be a good person who live a simple life. He suffered for a sin he never committed. For no one believes in him. Bu his heart he knows the truth. He had nothing to do with it but to accept the situation. Instead he keeps himself busy with reading & learning if possible to keep his mind fresh instead of huge amounts of depression enveloping him. He shares that he doesn’t have to be in a hurry seeking for happiness for God had planned to his life.

Jesus Christ claimed to be the son of God; a savior for all people who choose to believe in him. God loves the world and all he has created. However, we people have chosen to separate from God through our sins. Jesus provides the bridge for us to receive grace of forgiveness for our sins and fulfill the hope of eternal life. We are very blessed by God for we get what we wanted in life. We only have to do is to used it appropriately for us to do our real mission here on earth. I pray for my inmate to keep still his faith to God. He may able to understand the reality of life and the state of our society.

He must continue his doing of being respectful as he can, especially officers, and so he will be treated the same. I pray the truth will be reveal later according to the will of God. He must give trust to himself in time of difficulties. God bless him… 11 Narrative Report Saliendra, Christopher Dahn J. That was Saturday January 19, 2013 our Religious Education subject had a Pastoral Integration. Our class with Mrs. Gina Lyn Galas was scheduled to attend the said activity that will be held at the Provincial Jail South Cotabato. I was excited and a half nervous because I haven’t sent or visit to a detention centre and a jail.

After my duty at 11:30, I meet my classmates at RE 104 namely Doren, Shaider and my cousin Kathrine. We had some snack at the canteen and then went to the meeting place at the main gate of NDMU. As I have expected when we arrived at the meeting place, our other classmates are about to leave. That was already 12:30 when we left the school. 1:00 in the afternoon we arrived at our destination. We had a long wait before we got in to the big gate of the Jail. I think that was 15 minutes before 2 o’clock until we totally got into the area. Basketball court, store and healthy people; I have observed these when I entered the jail.

I looked around and ask myself if what they felt when they saw us entering their castle. They welcomed us with a breath taking performance. All of us students were amazed for the act that they had presented. Then I told myself that I found the answer to my question later, they felt happy and they expressed that for giving us entertainment. After the performance, they delivered us to the guest room or visiting room. Many long tables and chair just like in a big canteen in a big public place elsewhere. We sat for a minute while waiting for our brothers and sisters inmates or we can also call them “Boarders”.

A woman gets our attention when she speaks to the microphone and said that the boarders are coming. All eyes are at the door giving a round of applause to the boarder while they are arriving. Big smiles and laugh I have heard, all are happy and the problems are dumped. After that we are all requested to be in silent and started the visiting with a prayer and singing of the national anthem. The harmonious voices of the “choir boarders” lead us in to prayer. The long wait is over and one man sat in front of me. I gave him a hand shake and introduced myself; he also introduced himself.

He is Gelmar Sebido, 24 years of age. Our conversation started with me asking him about his family background, life before he was an inmate, address, if he had a child, a wife and his religion status. 12 I didn’t ask him what was his case, but I think he is excited to tell that to me; check if I’m wrong. Rape was his case that was papered when he was 17 years old only. At his early age the authority didn’t imprison him. On October last year, a big slap into his face came when he was arrested by the police. He had no choice but to peacefully go with them.

He was shocked and thought about his family; how can they live without him? Until he is hoping that his case will result to not guilty so he can go back to his family and work as a tricycle driver. Lastly our conversation was finished, and I gave him a simple token and he gladly accepted that. Then before we left we had a formal hand shake and I told him not to give up for God will always be with you all the time and anywhere and he replied, “Salamat, Meg”. A short time but long happiness, learning and wonderful experience are packed in my heart and soul.

I thought that if you give to others you can also be a receiver. 13 Narrative Report Talatala, Angel Joy C. BS Criminology 1 January 19, 2013, the RE 104 class under Mrs. Gina Lynn Galas went to the South Cotabato Provincial Jail and Detention Center. It was a high noon when we got there. While we are waiting outside the jail for our other classmates, I was so curious on what is the situation inside the very tall wall. But as we entered the jail my curiosity change into nervousness. As I saw the situation of many boarders of the jail, I felt so pity for them, especially for the aged boarders that are there inside.

They welcomed us by their dancing inmates, and then as we enter to their dining hall they have presented us their small program led by the boarders. Each student was given 1 boarder to be interviewed. As the boarders came in front of us, I counted the number where I was sitting and then I counted the boarders sitting in front of us; trying to figure out who will be my partner. When my partner faced me, I felt so shy and I forgot on what I am going to ask her. But later on I had remembered the simple questions I had prepared. I found out that her name was Norhata Pagayao, 31 years old. She lived at Sto. Niño, South Cotabato.

She is married and has 4 kids. Her eldest was 12 years old and the youngest was 3 years old. She was detained there for almost 14 months with the case of drug dealing. She told me that she was just a victim of the case; and that she was framed up by the driver that offered her a free ride going to their home. When I asked questions regarding to her children I saw the tears in her eyes starting to fall; she told me that she really miss her children. I was so shocked when she told me that her husband is also there at jail for almost three years. I feel so pity for their family especially to her children.

I can’t imagine the impact of the situation to their children. When I finished my interview to her, I suddenly ask myself, “Where is the justice for these people around me? ” and “Is there justice? ” As we got out to their dining hall they have shown us again another dance number with comedy. When the dance number was finished, other creative boarders sold us their handmade products. I bought a cute tree with a pink flower at a very affordable cost. 14 Narrative Report Quennie Mitzikea T. Joves BMLS-1 January 19, 2013 was the schedule of our integration in RE at the South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center.

I woke up early because we have our ROTC in the morning at our school. At 10:30am we asked permission to Sir Quirab to leave so that we can prepare for the integration at the jail. After I prepared my things I went straight to the jail with a classmate. I was very excited in going to the jail and a little bit nervous because it’s my first time to go there. We waited for a few minutes for our attendance checking and after that we entered the jail, but, in the entrance we were blocked by the local guard to inspect our belongings and asking us to leave our cellular phones for depositing.

After that we sat on a chair which was provided to us in their mini plaza. We witnessed their intermission number prepared by the inmates and they were so good and we were impressed. After that we proceed in their dining hall, we saw Sir Jurilla our teacher in high school; and he is now teaching the inmates. The program started and we were all asked to rise for the prayer and singing of the national anthem. After that, we had started the conversation with our fellow inmate. My inmate was Mr. Cyson Calixtro 20 years old. He was a fresh graduate of KNCHS year 2011-2012. He lives in Odi Osmeña, Koronadal City.

He was accused of rape but according to him it was his “barkada” who did the crime. He’s the one suffering in jail whereas in should be his barkada rotting in jail. I know inside that he’s a good person even though there’s a little bit of naughtiness in him. His mother worked abroad and his father is working at the DPWH. He mentioned his dream to me that he would find liberation in him and he could continue his studies. I’m so glad that I met this person; I pray that he will overcome his problem. After that we took pictures together and I gave him my present and as I expected, he was thankful for it.

We shake hands with each other and proceeded in their plaza for the final program. Again, the dancers entertained us again and after that we were given thanks for our visitation. We bid each other our goodbyes and left the prison. That was a day that we experienced the life inside jail and I pray that they will be safe from harm and be given justice. Justice that is rightfully theirs to have. 15 Narrative Report Caro, Harry John M. BMLS-1 It was January 19, 2013 when we had our pastoral integration in RE 104 at the South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center.

This pastoral integration is necessary for the student to acquire knowledge or learning from the inmates they are assigned to. Entering the jail is a bit bizarre for me because it was the first time I entered a jail and my first time to talk vis-à-vis with an inmate. Mixed emotions, that’s what I felt; there was a feeling that I might be frightened or be nervous and excited at the same time. Miguel Parate was the inmate I am assigned to talk with. He’s an inmate of the jail. He is 60 years old with a case of murder. He’s been in jail since September 21 of 2008 in Lakap Jail in Tupi South Cotabato but he was transferred here after 6 months.

As a Muslim, he was married thrice and had 10 children, first with Bia Parate and he had 3 children with her, second with Memona Parate and had 4 children with her and his third wife Lynn Parate had 3 children. Before Lolo Miguel got into the jail he was a farmer and owned a 4-hectare land and was the source of their living. He, together with his family live in Tupi particularly in Lakap where they lived with harmony and peace but everything had changed when he made a single mistake. He accidentally killed his son-in-law in order to protect himself from him before according to him; it was his son-in-law who attacked him first.

Lolo Miguel grabbed a “lagaraw” or scythe and killed his in-law. But, they were both drunk when the incident happened. After the hearing and deliberations Lolo Miguel was accused guilty of the said crime. Lolo Miguel’s life in jail is much harder than on free land even if he don’t have to find food to eat and water to drink inside but because he’s suffering from pain, sadness and depression. After some time, he realized to accept what had happened because it’s just a consequence of what he had done and he said it is Allah’s will to have him learn his lesson from the mistakes he made in life.

When our integration is finished I said to myself that I am blessed to have a chance to talk to Lolo Miguel even if it\s just a little time because everything he said was a treasure that I will always keep in mind. 16 Narrative Report Tanjili, Mc Nash S. BMLS-1 Feb 2013, at exactly 1pm I took off from my house and went straight to the South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center. Today is our Pastoral Integration; in which us, RE 104 students are going to interview some selected detainees inside the jail. I was quite nervous when I first stepped inside the jail gate.

Maybe it was because it was my first time to be entering the prison or may be the fact that we are going to be talking with some detainees. I choose both. After my colleagues and I were ushered by the jail staff, we were the entertained by some talented detainees through a blazing dance performance. We were all amazed by the performance because some of us thought life in jail would be boring…but not in their case. After the performance, we were again escorted to the main hall in which we were welcomed and then the program had started. There was a prayer led by another group of talented detainees.

And again, we were wowed by their graceful singing of the opening prayer. After the prayer, we were seated in a way that all students are lined together so that opposite of us would be the detainees we will be chatting with. Minutes after, the detainees entered the hall and tension came all over us. Some were scared and some were excited. In my case, should I say both? The detainee opposite my position is Kuya Benjie Gonzales. Kuya Benjie entered the jail sometime in December 2012; just a couple of months ago. He was accused of substance abuse, according to him. I had fun a little while chatting with him.

After some time of sharing thoughts about how his life inside the jail, he blurted out to me that in the next weekend, maybe he will be sent out of jail. Good for him. After talking with Kuya Benjie and wishing him luck and congratulating him because he will finally go home, we were escorted again in the local court inside the jail for the final part of the program. Again, the talented dancers who performed just after we enter entertained us again with their busting moves. After the local warden thanked us and showing us so much gratitude, finally, our teacher told us that we could go home. We walked until we reached the gate.

Looking back, I know that this place had let me reflected on myself and taught me so many valuable things in life. 17 Reflection Paper The Pastoral Integration held at the SCCRC had let me reflected on so many things in my life. First, I learned that no matter in what state we are in life, whether rich or poor, we should not judge other people based on what they have done in life. We are all humans. Humans do commit mistakes. And mistakes are reminders that we are all humans. In Kuya Benjie’s case, he admitted himself that he had an intake of abusive substances; but that is because of his ignorance, as he had told the story to me.

He said that he just tried out the said substance because he didn’t want to be left out in his community. He knew inside of him that what he did was truthfully wrong, but what can he do? It’s conscience versus ignorance. As humans we are imperfect, but that does not mean we can’t try. What I meant is that even though we commit mistakes as humans, it is not just to do it anytime we want. We have to think of the circumstances that will ricochet to us. We have freedom, the right to choose whether to do wrong or good. And naturally, we are all good beings, as God had created us. So why can’t we just do well, and avoid evil instead?

Another thing that caught the attention of my mind is the thought of repentance in our sins. Kuya Benjie told me that he had asked forgiveness for the ignorant thing he did. He repented all his sins and that’s just wonderful. As sinners, we are expected to repent our sins. But for some of us? I guess their pride is as big as a detergent bar. We have the freedom to do good and evil. We right the right to judge. We make mistakes. We are humans. These things are constant in life but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a little change. Do better and less evil. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Learn from your mistakes because we are humans.

God would have wanted us to be perfect, but what will happen if we are perfect and these things still happen? That’s the thing that God wanted to avoid. So he casted us out from His image and created and little difference. He is perfect, we aren’t. As a conclusion to this paper, let me say that I had so many thoughts in mind that made me rethink everything I do in life. It made me more human, a better human. A human that does good and a human that knows what is good and what is evil. 18 Reflection Paper There are three things I learned in our Pastoral Integration in South Cotabato Rehabilitation and Detention Center

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