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Patricia Caldwell From: Achraf Chamsy Human Resource Management Task

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To: Ms PATRICIA CALDWELL FROM: ACHRAF CHAMSY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TASK2 DATE: 08/12/2009 HR planning HR planning is basically developing strategies in order to match the size and skills of the employees to meet the company’s needs. The HR planning processes assists companies to recruit, keep and optimize the employment of the personnel needed to match the organization’s objectives and to meet the changes in the external environment.

This process include carrying out a skills analysis of existing staff, also carrying out a forecast of the manpower, and finally taking actions to make sure that the supply meets the demand.

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Patricia Caldwell From: Achraf Chamsy Human Resource Management Task
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And also we may incorporate the development and the training and retaining strategies that companies have to use. In this case we will take McDonalds’ and the ASDA. McDonalds’ and the ASDA are two of the largest and famous companies in the UK and the world, this is why daily planning is very important especially human resource planning.

Concerning those two organizations (McDonalds’ and ASDA) the HR planning will give the start for a personal management action program expected at merging differences between the supply and demand, by which it offers a structure in which actions can be undertaken to overcoming staffing difficulties facing both organizations.

The human resource planning is a continual procedure by which it looks to guarantee flexible resourcing related to interior and exterior environmental influences. An effective Human Resource planning can help those two companies anticipating possible expected difficulties.

Forward planning will enable the two companies developing and implementing successful approaches in relation with: * Recruitment * Selection * Induction * Training * Retraining * Career progression * Development A good plan will help McDonalds’: * Evaluate future recruitments needed as McDonalds’ is increasingly expanding (franchise) and actually have more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries around the world. * Creating training programs for the staff as the staff for example in the till need to serve customer fast 1 to 3 customers a minute also they need to have a good customer service. Build up promotion and career development strategies which will benefit both the staff and the organization * Avoid redundancy as this can affect the other workers they will be de-motivated and it will give a bad image to the organization * Build a flexible workforce to meet up with the changing requirement and environment * Controlling the staff wages and salaries while in the mean times guaranteeing the competitiveness of the salaries * Evaluating future necessities from equipments, knowledge, technology and premises

ASDA: * Evaluate future recruitment needed because ASDA needs staff that know the products that the company is selling and know how to put those products and make great offers in order to catch the customers attention and interest so they can buy them despite the actual economic situation * Creating training programs for the employees as for example the store staff needs to ave good communication skills, they need to put the products in the right place and always be updated * Building up promotion and careers development to motivate the staff and offer them a better place to work so they can perform well. * Avoid redundancy as it can have a bad effect on the other employees * Evaluating future needed equipments, technology and premises. * Controlling the staff wages and salaries while keeping the competitiveness of the salaries

Recruitment and selection process within McDonalds’ The recruitment process of McDonalds’ for example crew members consist of two steps application. 1. Online application which consist of filling in the information that the candidate is asked to do online which include personal details, previous work experiences, qualifications, and plus a questionnaire that put the candidate in real life situation for example if the customer complain about something what will be the reaction. . Is the candidate have successfully passed the first online step, he or she will be invited to the restaurant for an OJE (On Job Evaluation) and a face to face interview. With the OJE which only last 15 minutes the manager will give the applicants tasks to do so he or she can see how the candidate perform in real life situation and the manager evaluate the candidate customer service and skills and then he or she reflected against what they are looking for in a candidate.

And then after that the candidate will have an interview with the business manager. Recruitment and selection process within ASDA. The recruitment processes within ASDA consist of 2 steps: 1. Online application by which the applicant needs to fill in the information required in the application which may include some verbal, numerical and personality tests, which will enable the company gathering all the information that it need. And this will let ASDA decide whether the candidate is suitable or not. 2.

If the candidate succeed, the next step will depend on the role that the candidate applied for, the applicant will may be asked to attend interviews, or to a group assessment centre which the applicants will be asked to perform tasks designed to highlights the skills. In comparing the two processes we can see that ASDA spend much more on recruiting and selecting than McDonalds’ by using the assessment centers but despite it is costly, it is very effective as it shows and highlights if the candidate is the right person for the right job.

The media used to recruit and selection: Amongst potential sources that we can consider are the job centers, agencies, personal introductions, employment agencies, internet recruitment and application forms which can include standard application forms or informal interviews. Both McDonalds’ and ASDA share approximately the same media used to recruit from online application from the official website or the personal introduction or word of mouth. This recruitment methods can be beneficial or non beneficial.

Concerning the selection, McDonalds’ use online questions as mentioned above to see how the applicant will perform in different situations at work also they use the OJE or as it is famous by INTRAY OR IN BASKET EXERCISES to see how the applicant perform in the real life situation and then the interview that will help the manager some up and take the right decision concerning if this person will be selected for the job he or she applied for it, and this is a good selection media as it give the applicant the chance to be in a work in a team and with other which put him or her in the real life situation even if it is for 15 minutes.

ASDA use assessment centers by which the candidates are asked to perform tasks under supervision so the manager will see how this person perform and using this assessment centers it highlights the skills or particular skills that the manager is looking for and that the future worker will be facing in the future if he or she is accepted by ASDA, and there is some applicants that will be encouraged by this. The exit procedures

Concerning McDonalds’ and ASDA the exit procedures that this company follow is similar to other companies as it undertake an exit interview with the person who is leaving the job, so the staff will have the opportunity to explain their reasons for leaving the job, or in the case of the staff choosing another employer, or to air their grievance, all this helped McDonalds’ to what it is now as those criticism helped the company to take decisions to change their policies, especially if this employee is leaving for a competitor.

What McDonalds’ and ASDA do is that despite the interview that make the manager listen to the staff and know the reason of leaving (challenging work environment, salary, discrimination, promotion). If the employee is a good performer they try to keep him or she in the organization, as he or she is beneficial to the company and the organization doesn’t want to loose of their staff because he may contribute more with the competitors and they can use the staff knowledge and what this staff has gained of expertise against the previous company.

And this is including the resignation of the staff. In the case of redundancy McDonalds’s transfer staff to other restaurants that are in need of workforce because as we know that McDonalds’ in one of the fastest growing companies in the world and every day it opens a new branch in the world, so in redundancy situation the company offers alternative job and all this is with consultation with the worker.

The same thing applies to ASDA because this outplacement can keep this staff working and performing in the same level and improve morale of the other employees and also it gives a good image about the two companies. By using those procedures the two companies can improve in the domain knowing if it comes to keeping good employees working for them, and those solution that were mentioned above are considered as the best and the commonly used by professional and leading organizations around the world.

REFERENCES: BOOOKS: 1. MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR SEVENTH EDITION -LAURIEJ. MULLINS-. ISBN: 18464792633 2. BUSINESS STUDIES-IAN MARCOUSE’ – ISBN: 034070462 INTERNET: 1. http://www. citehr. com/4275-need-human-resource-planning. html 2. http://www. allbusiness. com/human-resources/723967-1. html 3. http://www. hrmguide. co. uk/hrm/chap7/ch7-links3. htm 4. http://www. asda. jobs/how-do-i-apply/recruitment_process. html

Cite this Patricia Caldwell From: Achraf Chamsy Human Resource Management Task

Patricia Caldwell From: Achraf Chamsy Human Resource Management Task. (2018, May 31). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/patricia-caldwell-from-achraf-chamsy-human-resource-management-task/

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