Charlie Seddle Is a Work of Art by Patricia Beatty

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Charley Skeddaddle is a narrative that takes topographic point during the Civil War ( 1861-1865 ) in the North. The chief character is Charley Stephen Quinn. He was a immature male child turning up in New York City without parents. Charley s older brother Johnny died at the Battle of Gettysburg. We learned about Johnny through Charley s memories. He lives with his older sister Noreen, who late became engaged to be married. Charley was involved in a street pack called the Bowery Boys.

Charley has had a unsmooth life and has trouble larning to accept his brother s decease. He wants to acquire retaliation against the Confederate soldiers and this motivates him to fall in the Union ground forces. He is inspired when he sees a military parade and a friend of his brother, or so he believes. That would be a perfect solution to his jobs at place and a manner to penalize those responsible for his brother  decease. He had admired Johnny greatly and felt the merely reply was to mouse into the ground forces. Charley could non enlist because he was merely 12 old ages old. He was determined to be a hero like his brother.

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Since Charley was excessively immature to be a soldier he became a drummer-boy for the ground forces. He trained and worked difficult to be a good 1. He may hold been physically ready for his first conflict, but emotionally he was non. I don t think he truly cognize what killing a individual involved. All of his life he watched the people he cared approximately be taken off from him.

First, it was his parents, so Johnny, so Noreen and now it was about to go on once more. This clip it was about Gem, the lone individual who took an involvement in him during conflict. Gem was killed and this caused Charley s choler to top out. He shooting the Confederate who killed his friend. After recognizing what he had done he terrors and tallies. He supports running and that us when he earns the name Charley

Skedaddle. It is a name that sticks with him for a long clip. He was seen by ot hers as being a coward for running. Charley manages to get away the conflict Fieldss by concealing in the wood. He was caught by the Confederates but they released him. He finds shelter with Granny Jershua. It is with her he grows up and learns about life and its duties. When he arrived at Granny s house he was a coward who did non experience worthy of any regard. We see a different Charley leave Granny s house.

It is person who is intimate and worthy of regard from others. Charley and Granny each helped the other. Granny became the grandma he ne’er had and it felt good. His adulthood is proven when he sets out to deliver Granny. He could hold run off but he didn t. He was determined to deliver Granny and didn t fright for his ain safety. Charley refused to go forth Granny until she was good plenty to take attention of herself. He was persuaded to go forth in fright of being found for who he truly was. Charley foliages with the apprehension that he will be back someday and programs to maintain in touch. This narrative is fictional but it makes you think it could go on in any war at any clip. Charley was a immature male child non much older than myself.

I don t know if I would hold been that brave to fall in the ground forces. He was weather but non motivated by the right grounds. Charley was easy influenced and looked for exhilaration. Charley thought good of himself, and this was really of import to him, and the same is of import to each of us today. The manner we see ourselves comes from the manner others see us.

The book made me funny about the Civil War. I learned that it killed more Americans than any other war in history. So many times we do things for the incorrect grounds and ne’er inquiry why. I do non believe in war, and feel we can settle our differences with words, non killing. It would have been nice to read more about Charley s subsequently life, because we do non cognize if he returns to Granny or of all time sees his sister once more. At times the book seemed a small drilling.


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