Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence!

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The five natural elements aside, the modern world today revolves around a sixth human developed energy i. e. Electricity. From telegraphy and telephony to electrical circuits for power, Electrical Engineering today focuses on a broad range of disciplines. The progress of this field has immensely influenced the advancement of technology. The vast application potential when combined with the notion of management intrigues me and I’m keen to continue my academic pursuit in this direction.

A proclivity for Math’s and Science since childhood had resulted in 90+ aggregate in the respective subjects in high school and sparked the initial interest. A tryst with a Physics concept, ‘Electromagnetic Force’ at the Higher Secondary Level invoked the zeal to foray into this discipline. It was during this period that my teachers instilled in me a strong inclination towards the subject. This led me to opt for Electrical and Electronics Engineering in my undergraduate study as it not only requires analytical thinking but also involves hands-on practical application and is challenging.

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My credentials include Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Annamacharya Institute of Technology and science, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University , Hyderabad, India which covered a broad spectrum of subjects which include Electromagnetic field, power electronics, electrical measurements, Pulse and Digital circuits, computers’ methods in power system controls, digital signal processing, Power Systems(1to3), Electro Mechanics, Micro processors and Micro Controllers, High voltage Engineering and Utilization of electrical energy. I am also well versed in programming languages like C, C++ & JAVA.

I was also introduced to management based subjects like Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis (MEFA), Management Sciences which fascinated me and imbibed the urge to delve deeper and explore the management related aspect. In an attempt to probe further, during my final year of the undergraduate course I presented a project “SPEED CONTROL OF INDUCTION MOTOR USING PLC” at SANGHI SPINNERS INDIA LIMITED, HYDERABAD, INDIA. and also another project on “A NEW 84-PULSE VSC CONFIGURATION USING MULTI LEVEL DC VOLTAGE USING MATLAB”. These project involved coding a programme using MATLAB technology which solves a pattern recognition problem.

They also include the practical application of management to engineering which has sustained and also further honed my interest to pursue this subject. I consider it an accomplishment to have finished meritorious in several technical events and I have also presented a number of technical papers which were highly acknowledged. I feel it a privilege to have been a part of Make a Difference (NGO). My tenure at MAD as a Teacher Volunteer has acuminated my organizational and interpersonal skills. It has also reinforced the ‘Never say never attitude’ which enables me to persevere, look beyond and extend my boundaries and also go the extra mile.

Specialization becomes a necessity to understand new technologies and to improve upon the existing ones. Finesse in the subjects I pursue is what I envision. I now find it essential to equip myself in a specialized institute, one that will consider my knowledge as a stepping stone to higher education and help me transcend new horizons. In the near future, my aim is to attain an advanced education in MIS through a Masters Degree Program. To achieve this I would like to gain exposure to the latest practices adopted in the field of MIS.

The multifaceted attributes of the course and the flexibility of the curriculum have played a pivotal role in my decision to apply for MIS at your university. The collaborative environment at your university and the confluence of ideologies would help me learn the global standards in this field also become aware of the worldwide competition. I aspire to bring back the acquired expertise to India and use it successfully in future endeavors. My long term goal is to put my footprints in the field of MIS through contribution of original ideas and translation of those ideas to develop high end applications and products.

I bring along a strong grasp of fundamentals in Electronics and Computers, an aptitude for teamwork, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. With the above attributes I firmly believe that I would meet all the criteria and would also be an asset to your esteemed university. I can assure you that I will be able to contribute and learn from the academically challenging environment at the university. Hence I appeal to the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider me for admission and I look forward to becoming a part of your institute.

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