Idioms: Brownie Points and Wild Goose Chase

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Understanding English relies heavily on idioms, which are expressions that carry meanings separate from their individual words. In order to grasp the language better, here is a compilation of frequently employed English idioms along with their explanations and illustrative instances:

After being released from prison, Ajit decided to turn over a new leaf and become an honest man. Rajesh needs to improve after scoring only forty on his English mid-term exams. The candidate of the opposition party spread false rumors about the Minister, acting unfairly and hitting below the belt. Pooja entertained the audience with her stories, showcasing her gift of storytelling. Searching for hidden gold in the village field is a futile search, a wild goose chase. Rajiv began to have second thoughts about studying Economics when he couldn’t pay attention during lectures. Payal faced consequences from her mother after failing her Mathematics exam. I will face the music when I reach home for losing my father’s pen. The teacher asked students to introduce themselves to break the ice and overcome initial shyness between two people or groups Manoj and Rupa are at loggerheads due to a disagreement over a notebook. Rupa refused to lend it, leading Manoj to stop talking to her. This seemingly minor issue has been blown out of proportion by Manoj, who is making a mountain out of a molehill.

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Despite their ongoing conflicts and inability to collaborate, it is crucial for the two brothers to capitalize on their current advantageous situation. Mr. Sharma has been granted a profitable contract to provide machine parts to a renowned Japanese company, and he should make the most of this opportunity. It is advised that they set aside previous grievances and move forward.

Following our disagreement several months ago, we ceased communication. It is crucial for us to release the past and seek reconciliation. Ram accurately determined that the car’s overheating problem stemmed from a radiator leak. I am disheartened as I have been unable to resolve this issue. Ramesh has joined two coaching classes and is diligently striving to gain admission into an engineering college. Priya hails from an affluent family and received a lavish car as a gift from her father on her eighteenth birthday. Let’s maintain optimism for a favorable outcome.

My results will be released in two days’ time. I am hopeful for the best.
Tomorrow, there is a cricket match and Raj is determined to take a day off from work.
After losing money at the race course today, I have learned my lesson and will never bet again.
To kick the bucket means to die.

I was informed that the mafia boss had died.
He likes dunking rich tea biscuits as well, a man who has the same preferences as myself. Adding fuel to the fire means making a situation worse.

First, he dropped the pot plant and then stepped on it, further exacerbating the situation. I have obtained some information about this from an anonymous source, also known as a little bird told me. Let’s just say my knowledge stems from a little bird telling me. Knitting a jumper presents an entirely distinct scenario; it’s akin to comparing apples and oranges. If you were to promote him to captain of the football team despite his unsuitability, it might create a complex and troublesome dynamic with the other players, essentially opening up a can of worms. It is widely believed that he lacks complete sanity; some even suggest that he is not mentally sound or has some loose screws.

Despite his apparent lack of intelligence or sanity, giving recognition or praise for a job well done or a good action will earn you brownie points. Buying flowers for your girlfriend will also earn you brownie points. Taking an incorrect or misguided approach to something, or pursuing a false lead, is called barking up the wrong tree. If you believe that asking nicely will persuade him to change his mind, then you are barking up the wrong tree. Earning a living and supporting one’s family is referred to as bringing home the bacon. Nowadays, women not only manage the household but also bring home the bacon.

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