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Persian Women

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Types of Teachers

What the teachers do influences the society greatly. Realistically, what they do reflects their types. In fact, they act according to their beliefs about the job of teaching which respectively is according to their types. Generally there are two types of teachers: those who care and those who don’t care. In this essay we try to elaborate on these two kinds of teachers.

The first major group is the group of teachers who care about teaching. They may like their job or just feel to be responsible for the role they have taken.

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Persian Women
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This group of teachers really try to teach students and do their best in the teaching process. However, it seems those who like teaching try more because they work from within, from their heart. Anything they do is what they like. So each action reinforces the others. Also, those who just feel to be responsible try but they put themselves under the pressure of doing what they don’t like.

However it is possible that they get better results than others.

The other major group is the group of teachers who don’t care about the job. In fact they don’t try to get involved in the job. They don’t care about method, subjects and objects of teaching. Because they have to, they just try to do something like teaching in the classroom. Some of the members of this group don’t like the job itself. So why have they chosen it? Mostly, they wanted to avoid the two-year military service. The military service gets two years of the life of the young while they get nothing in return. So they may think they waste their time if they do it. At least, by choosing teaching, they get a two year job record and payment while they study and get their associate degree. The other reason for their choice of teaching can be lack of jobs in the society. They may imagine that they have studied for four years in a good university.

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