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Special, Loving, and Caring Granddaughter

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            If I had to give a definition of my granddaughter, I would define her as special, loving, and caring.  My granddaughter is special because she has this way of looking at me that melts my heart.  It reminds me of her mother, my daughter.  She used to look at me that way when she was a child, and sometimes, I can still see it in her eyes, but I always see it in my granddaughter.  My daughter and I have a wonderful relationship, and it means so much to me that I can extend that love to her daughter as well.

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Special, Loving, and Caring Granddaughter
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  It makes our relationship truly special.  My granddaughter is also very loving.  She hugs me every time we meet and part and always tells me that she loves me by saying, “I love you my gramma!  You are so sweet!”  I see her loving personality in the cards that she makes for me for my birthday and every holiday; she always makes sure to let me know that I am loved and not alone in this world.

  She worries about me and wants to make sure that I know that she loves me.  It is abundantly clear.

  Finally, my granddaughter is very caring.  When someone does not feel well, she will make them a card or call them to see how they are doing.  When someone is hurt, she tries to tend to them and wants desperately for them to feel better.  She calls me every day to check on me and make sure that nothing has happened to me.  She cares about my life and my feelings, and this makes her a true angel.  My granddaughter means the world to me.

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