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Learning is beneficial for personal and professional aspects of life. Reflective practice, a well-known concept, is highly significant as it fosters self-reflection and prompts individuals to assess their behaviors and principles in daily tasks (Johns & Freshwater, 1998).

The learning process can occur either consciously or subconsciously. However, true learning occurs when an individual interacts with their external environment, rather than just focusing inward. This process encompasses four main stages:

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  • Concrete experience (trying to do something or having a prior experience)
  • Reflection observation (reflecting on the experience faced in the past)
  • Abstract conceptualisation (learning from the past)
  • Active experimentation (planning out what you have learned)

Learning happens within individuals, so it is important for there to be a conducive environment and appropriate techniques for the learning process. One technique is reflection through logs, which allows for evaluation of previous experiences. Personally, I have found that using logs has helped me analyze incidents in new ways and identify areas for improvement.

The learning logs provided me with insight into the future areas of development necessary for advancement. These logs visually represented past experiences and highlighted the learning required over time. Alongside the learning logs, peer assessments enabled me to identify weaknesses that I may not have recognized independently. Group activities facilitated analysis of strengths and weaknesses among group members, helping us understand each other’s capabilities.

As part of our personal development process, we engaged in collaborative projects that allowed us to explore our strategies for overcoming weaknesses and leveraging strengths. This helped us establish a strong foundation for future growth before entering higher-level full-time employment.

According to Wilson (1999, P. 8 cited in Beard, C., Wilson, J., 2003), learning can be defined as a lasting transformation in knowledge, attitude, or behavior that occurs through either formal education or training, or through informal experiences.

Both workplace learning and learning through schools and learning support are integral to personal development and organizational change. According to Kolb (1984 cited in Winch, A., Ingram, H., 2004), observation and reflection are crucial steps in experiential learning. Failing to reflect on and verbalize experiences can lead to disregarding knowledge acquisition, which in turn means missing out on opportunities for growth. As a result, individuals who are dedicated to lifelong learning should keep track of their learning endeavors and engage in reflective analysis.

Employees in an organization aim to achieve the goals and targets set for them while working. Learning can happen at both conscious and subconscious levels, and individuals might not always acknowledge the learning that happens during their work life.

Experiential learning takes place when individuals work in groups and interact with others, enabling them to acquire knowledge and experience by exploring novel approaches. This form of learning primarily occurs through engaging in new activities while fulfilling organizational responsibilities within a specific environment, as opposed to independent learning.

The log has proven to be advantageous for reflective learning because it enables individuals to express their emotions in their own words, such as frustration, satisfaction, or any other feeling. Through the act of reflecting on their experiences via logs, people partake in experiential learning. As a result, logs play a vital role in linking observation to action and experience to concept.

In the first semester, we completed 6 modules and took about 4 exams. Sadly, this was not as fulfilling as expected since I had anticipated using assignments to examine others’ work, referencing academic articles, books, and other sources in order to develop my own projects. Nonetheless, studying in the UK did have a significant advantage for me – it enhanced both my language proficiency and my capacity to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, it provided me with valuable insights into various cultures and aided in overcoming any culture shock encountered.

When I started my MBA program, it caused me stress because I had to juggle assignment deadlines and my part-time job. However, it was important for me to learn how to manage stress effectively so that I could successfully navigate through my MBA journey and be prepared for the workforce. Furthermore, being mindful of my surroundings has been crucial in helping me reflect on past experiences.

Being a future manager and business owner, it is imperative for me to stay alert to my surroundings and establish a secure environment for myself and my organization. I cannot overlook the occurrences around me. Moreover, I used to neglect the value of saving money and being ready for unforeseen expenses in the future. This realization has made me comprehend the importance of maximizing savings, not only for my forthcoming entrepreneurial journey but also for the welfare of my family.

After examining the logs and reflecting on my experience, I have discovered that I often overlooked safety management while working with my colleagues. This neglect can be seen in appendix 8, 10, 11, and 13. Multiple incidents have shown that I did not give enough importance to my own well-being, which could have had negative effects on both my professional and personal life. As a result, as I analyze the information recorded in the logs about my personal development, I have identified several aspects that need to be considered when starting a new job. Once this course is completed, my goal is to obtain a managerial position at a bank.

Referring to my prior experience (see CV in appendix 17), I believe I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the banking industry and greatly enhanced my skills within my assigned duties. Additionally, with my MBA education and professional background, I aim to leverage these qualifications to excel in a future leadership position.


To summarize, I have been actively involved in the learning process to comprehend how my self-assessment and awareness of diverse opportunities have been influenced by different experiences. The critical reflection on my past is essential for preventing the recurrence of errors in the future and optimizing the learning capacity of each encounter. Through consistently documenting and assessing the learning procedure, I can continuously evaluate the excellence of my work, even in forthcoming endeavors.

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