Personal Short Story – My hometown: Kepong

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Kepong is a large town located at the border of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. It is known for its diverse housing areas, public transportation, huge buildings, and shopping malls. Kepong is also a food lover’s paradise, with famous dishes such as Chinese bak kut teh, Malay nasi kandar, and Indian cendol. The Forest Research Institute Malaysia is a popular attraction in Kepong, where visitors can learn about the forest and participate in outdoor activities like bird watching, wildlife observation, and cycling. Night markets are another interesting feature of Kepong, where visitors can find a variety of goods at low prices. Overall, Kepong is a lovely hometown that offers unique experiences for visitors and residents alike.

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Kepong is one of the big town in Kuala Lumpur. It in borders Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. It full with housing area, road, highway and building. There is difference kind of housing area in it, such as tall apartments, big and beautiful semi-bungalows, single –story houses and double-story houses. It has completed public transport, there is large KTM station , colourful public buses and red taxis. There are a lot of huge building. It has a lot of qiant shopping mall , such as Jusco , Carrefour and Tesco.

There is variety of popular restaurants, cinema and large gym central in it. Kepong is known as Gourmet’s paradise . Kepong famous with culinary delicacy such as Chinese bak kut teh , malay nasi kandar, indian cendol , penang laksa and ice kacang. There is a lot of interesting place in Kepong. The most attractive place is Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) , it is surrounded by Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve.

There is a lot of tall trees , beautiful flowers, special plants and animals. We can learn more about he forest and refresh themselves with unpolluted environment. There are many outdoor recreations , FRIM has popular spot for cyclers, natural study groups, picnickers and joggers. FRIM provide nature activities like bird watching, wildlife observation , adventure cycling or mountain biking and jogging. Night market is one of the most interesting place in Kepong. You can find night market every day in different part of Kepong.

Normally night market will place near to housing area and it will be very long night market. A lot of people will like to walk at night market because it full with variety stalls. We can get anything from night markets such as groceries, nice clothing, good local food, hot snacks, beautiful accessories, bags, CDs, household items, fresh produce and the latest. All at low prices and you can still bargain for lower prices. Lastly, this is my beautiful and lovely hometown, it bring a lot of nice experience for me and my family.

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