Three reasons to visit my hometown

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Title: Three reasons to visit my hometown:Purpose: To provide credible reasons for visiting one’s Hometown, highlighting the benefits that comes with it.I Introduction: We all belong to a place where we can call our hometown.A.

My name is Andy Rumpoko and I come from Indonesia.B. Remember the saying; “Home sweet Home?” No matter how far we are from home, there is always something that draws our minds back to our place of origin.C.

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Psychologists have identified the role of an individual’s origin and place of birth in the developmental process of any man.D. By the end of this speech, I intend to talk to you about life in Indonesia with special highlight on the wonderful beaches with summer the whole year, the exotic places, and cultural assets such as traditional music and dances.Transition: Indonesia has been said to be the dwelling place of Homo erectus one of the extinct human species that lived over 1.

8 million years ago (Microsoft Encarta, 2008)II BodyA.1. One of the major attractions in Indonesia is the wonderful lakes ands rivers that adorn the country. Indonesia is peculiar for its tropical climate because it is strategically located around rivers and water.

Indonesia is blessed by rivers and lakes such as the popular Mahakam in East Kalimantan, Martapura, Barito, Asahan River, Baliem River, Lake Toba, Lake Tempe, Maninjau, Kerinci, and Singkarak in Sumatra (Encarta, 2008).2. These lakes have become a part of the Indonesian people and they are something that all Indonesians abroad look forward to see when they get back home.3.

Since Indonesia is surrounded by water, most people live in the coastal areas. These rivers have been a major part of the Indonesian people. Most of them make their living on these rivers as either fishermen or transporters.Transition: No matter how beautiful another country is, we should always see the beauty of our place of origin.

Main Point B: I always look forward to visit Indonesia because of the significant, exotic and interesting places that are in the country. With the majority of the people being Muslims, the city is proud of having one of the largest mosques in the world. The Istiqlal Mosque which is situated in Jakarta, Indonesia can contain tens of thousand worshippers at once. Apart from this, I love the serene life of Jakarta which is not like the busy and choking life here in America.

I also want to visit the museum in Jakarta, the Textile Museum and the Abri Satriamandala Army Museum, which contains the history of my people (Encarta, 2008).2. Unlike America, Indonesia has several inns and resort centers where you can enjoy the traditional life, free from the noise and disturbances of the city. One word that I think captures the atmosphere of these places is peace and serenity.

3. Apart from this, the population of Indonesia makes for a polarization of the culture of the people. This polarization is also relevant in their way of life, culture and religion. One of the places that I would love to visit is the Model of Borobudur Temple, Java and the Bali Museum.

Transition: There is no way you would talk about Indonesia without mentioning their traditional music and unique dancesMain Point C: A peculiar attraction in Indonesia is the music and traditional dancing styles of the people. They melody of the gamelan and accompanied with the banyuwangi music, Sudanese music and the folk music of Sumatra is a joy to behold. There are also several dances like the kecak dance, the Balinese dance and the court dances which are a blend of traditional dances that displays the life and culture of the Indonesian people.2.

The Indonesian Traditional dance style has been a source of attraction to the Indonesian people and this has made them popular.Transition: Indonesia is a place I would love to be any day.A. With the peaceful life and serenity, cultural heritage and religious beliefs and the traditional music and dance, my hometown is a place I always look forward to visiting.

B. In fact, I already see myself making the trip already… visiting the exotic places, learning more about my roots and enjoying myself, dancing and singing along with my townspeople.C. I know you might have questions about my hometown and the cultural heritage of my people.

You might as well join me in visiting my Hometown, Indonesia.            Reference:Forbes, Dean K. “Republic of Indonesia.” Microsoft® Student 2008 [DVD].

Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2007.Becker, Judith. “Indonesian Music.” Microsoft® Student 2008 [DVD].

Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2007.

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