Marijuana in the United States

Approximately 450,000 people die each year because of cigarette use, y et no one has ever died from marijuana use. Alcohol is linked to about 75,000 deaths per ye AR, but is still legal. Marijuana does not affect your health like alcohol and cigarettes do hi chi is why it should be legalized. Laws are suppose to be made to protect the people Of a nation, but prohibiting marijuana is not protecting anyone because it is virtually harmless if you compare it to alcohol and cigarettes.

Cigarettes have been known to cause many health h issues including lung cancer and heart disease but are still legal to anyone over the a GE of eighteen. Alcohol is known to cause liver failure and other health issues, unlike marijuana an. If cigarettes and alcohol are legal, then marijuana should be as well. Legalizing marijuana could also help financially. If the United States government legalized marijuana they would save over 13 billion dollars because there would no longer be people getting in trouble for posses Soon charges and such.

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Also, if the government taxed it, they would make about 2 billion d Lars alone. The money that the government makes could go to schools, or helping prove TTY stricken areas in the United States. Legalizing and taxing marijuana could be the difference I someone having a house or food for the next day. Also, the tax money could go toward s finding the cure for cancer or water and food for third world countries. Legalizing marijuana Ana saves money and also makes the government a bit of money, which is why it should be legal liked.

Marijuana legalization also does as much as helps people medically. If marijuana was legal, any adult would be able to medicate themselves with UT having to pay money to go to the doctors and have them give you permission. Maria nana helps people not feel pain as much as if they didn’t use it. It helps people get an AP petite that have deiced conditions that causes them not to want to eat Many cancer patient s use marijuana to calm them down as well as dull the pain during chemotherapy.

Many Patti ants use it because it helps them get to sleep, and it gives them an appetite, when norm ally they wouldn’t. Marijuana is a substance that has many great uses and could do well for the united States. Marijuana should be legalized for all adults in the United States because SE it doesn’t damage your body like alcohol and tobacco, it could bring in a lot of money of r the government if they tax it, and marijuana has many miraculous medical uses.

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