Persuasive: The Confederate Flag As A Symbol Of Hate

Even o, there is one kind of symbolism that I have a tough time tolerating and that is the confederate flag. This symbol, usually stuck to the back of some guy’s old beat up truck, tells me he’s probably from the South, and that he’s probably a racist. In 1 861 , when the Confederacy was created, the flag was their symbol of Southern pride. It was flown high in battle, and used to cover their fallen brothers of the South. That symbol stood for everything the South believed in, including slavery.

Slavery was the infamous reason the South seceded room the Union. They felt it was their right to practice this immoral act. (“Confederate Flag Controversy. ” Brume, Brogan. Infeasible. Com. ) “And this (Civil War) for the sake of slavery, for the sake of an institution that forbids millions of men and women to marry, to rear their children, to read their prayer book! ” (Strong Diary of The Civil War p. 61 8) After the Civil War at the time of the South’s reconstruction was when the extremist hate group known as the UK Klux Klan was founded.

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These men ere supporters of the Confederacy who wanted to maintain all ideas of their flag right along with white supremacy. They were also known for their horrific acts of racial hate crimes. (“UK Klux Klan: The First UK Klux Klan. ” The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. ) During the civil rights movement in the 1 ass’s and ass’s people were fighting for integration and equal rights for African Americans. Through out this period of time many of the Southern states had resurrected the Confederate Flag.

Contrary to Southern belief, this was not a way for the people to display Southern pride or to remember the lives that were lost during the Civil War. The purpose was to discourage equal rights activists and to encourage segregation between races. The flag was also included in some Southern state flags. (“Confederate Flag Controversy. ” Brume, Boring. Infeasible. Com) am not a Southerner, but I could not imagine why anyone of the South would want to wave this flag around proudly. Doing so is a blatant insult to his or her fellow Americans.

For many it is a haunting reminder that racial rejoice and hatred still exists when it is displayed anywhere ignorantly. In this day in age, there is no room for division. It is time that we stand together as one country and stop judging people solely on appearances. Think of how much more could be accomplished if we were able to share our ideas and our views as one united community. Separation is no way to live and there is no good to come from boundaries created by hate. The Confederate Flag is one symbol we can afford to forget, it is one boundary we can afford to break down.

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