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Essay – Flag Burning

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There are many different symbols that are kept as a prized possession. The symbols that nations hold dear are that country’s flag. The country holds it dear and lets it wave in the air as honor in their country. Because the United States is a great country, Americans are proud of their flag to be the symbol most dear to their nation. When a person begins to burn the flag in a protest, people begin to become offended and want to take action.

The action talked about right now is having an amendment passed banning the burning of flags.

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Essay – Flag Burning
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There has also been a controversy about whether the flag is idolatry to our country. “Idolatry is the worship of a physical object as a god (Cal Thomas, 94).” I think that the flag is idolatry to our nation. Some people are more protective and worshipful towards our flag, and then there are people, like me, who just think that the flag is a symbol and not anything more.

The belief that the flag and religion have something in common may sound absurd, but they do have a lot in common. They are both believed in and worshiped. There is a common belief in a pledge. Both the Pledge of Allegiance for the flag and a Prayer towards God. Although they have similarities, they are different. Religion is a belief in a higher power and the belief in our nation, the United States, is that “We” are all created equal. That should not change. When a person worships God, they believe and trust in Him. With the flag, the nation shows equality.

No one should believe that a flag and religion are to be treated as the same. If someone wants to protest and burn a flag it should be taken as a problem that can be fixed. Someone can help change the point of view of that person or choose to help the situation. I don’t think that anyone should violate something that is of worth towards someone, whether it be a church, nation, or family. Everyone should have respect towards each other and to everyone’s beliefs.

I don’t think that there should be an amendment forbidding flag burning. That amendment takes away the amendment of freedom. Those choices made by the individual would be taken away, when they are making the freedom of expression. It’s the process of rebellion, when someone can’t do something; the more people want to do it. If they think that they can stop people from doing it with an amendment, they’re wrong. The amendment is not going to do any good; all it will do will cause more problems with the controversy of the two amendments.


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