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The article discusses the misconceptions surrounding the Pit Bull breed, with some people fearing them while others believe they are misunderstood. The article questions whether Pit Bulls are really a vicious breed or if they are just misinterpreted due to the reputation and myths surrounding them. It also discusses the loyalty and heroism of Pit Bulls, as well as their low attack percentages compared to other breeds. The article notes that Pit Bull is not a specific breed but a label given to multiple breeds, which can lead to incorrect surveys and statistics.

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When encountering a Pit bull, people may feel scared or have misconceptions about this breed. It is crucial to assess whether the Pit bull is genuinely aggressive or unfairly judged based on its reputation and false beliefs surrounding them. Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge the influence of owners in molding the behavior of these cherished animals. Frequently, individuals indulge in excessive speculation…

American Pit Bull Terriers are often seen as heroes and known for their loyalty to their owners. However, the term “Pit Bull” draws attention to the statistics of dog attacks. In a 2009 survey comparing attack rates among different breeds like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Chows, and Pit Bulls, the breed with the lowest score was the Pit Bull at 0.00125 while Rottweilers had the highest score at 0.00433. According to, Pit Bulls are frequently blamed for dog attacks; yet this statistic fails to distinguish between dogs involved in illegal dog fighting rings and those that are simply household pets. The issue arises from the fact that “Pit Bull” is not a specific breed but rather includes various breeds like American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, and Miniature Bull Terrier as defined by Breed Specific Legislation (BLU). Consequently determining the exact percentage of true American Pit Bulls becomes challenging.

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