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Response to “Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals”

Giant panda


Words: 257 (2 pages)

This article discusses the pros and cons of zoos and their role in domesticating animals. Opinions about the suitability of zoos for animals vary among individuals. Personally, I think it depends on the specific zoo. While some zoos excel in animal care, others mistreat the creatures in their care. The article highlights the significant growth…

Bear and Giant Panda


Giant panda

Words: 361 (2 pages)

Aileron melancholia is a carnivorous bear and Giant Panda species of land mammal. Giant pandas have been on the Earth for at least 8 million years. But now its main habitats are only in Chuan, Shania and Gangs province in China. Aileron melancholia can live up to 18-20 years in the wild environment; but they…

Animal Information: Red Panda


Giant panda

Words: 1017 (5 pages)

The Red Panda, with as little as 2,500 of them left on Earth, is going extinct. Before the important things are said about them, it is best that the small facts are mentioned. To start off, it has several different names, including Red Panda, Lesser Panda, Bear-Cat, Bright Panda, and Fire Fox. Though it has…

Extinction of Animals: Panda


Giant panda

Words: 561 (3 pages)

Statement of the Problem  The endangered species panda are nearly becoming extinct. Gather Data Pandas inhabited China for centuries; but because of the fast urbanization of the country and deforestation in the lowlands, they have been forced to move to the mountain ranges. They inhabit damp forest in those mountains. These forests have a dense…

Frequently Asked Questions about Giant panda

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How would you describe a giant panda?
Giant pandas have a distinctive black and white coat, with black fur around their eyes and on their ears, muzzle, legs and shoulders. Their thick, wooly coat helps to keep them warm in their cool mountain homes. ... An adult panda can weigh up to 150kg, with males 10% larger and 20% heavier than females.
Why is the giant panda special?
Giant pandas help to keep their mountain forests healthy by spreading seeds in their droppings, which helps vegetation to thrive. ... By protecting pandas we're helping conserve the wider environment, for the people and wildlife that depend on it.
Why pandas are my favorite animal?
One of the main reasons we love pandas is that they remind us of ourselves, says Ron Swaisgood, Director of Applied Animal Ecology, San Diego Zoo Institue for Conservation Research. ... According to Mr Swaisgood, we also love pandas because of their distinctive eyes. Their eye patches make their eyes look bigger.

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