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Persuasive speech – baby selling syndicate

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Who onto know, I will tell you now. Those involved with baby selling when they use channels from the black market and over the internet. There is may be some people who do not regard about this problem. For you information, baby selling syndicate is a very serious social problem because this problem has become a global threat that continues to grow. Most of the babies were sold at ages one to three months. It is sad when all the babies are sold at a high price to reach more tens of thousands.

Beside, based on the statistics of the Royal Malaysian police (PADRE). He umber of cases of the sale of babies for three years amounted to 33 cases, that is 20 cases in 2010, 9 cases in 201 1 and 4 cases between January to September years ago. When you know about the baby selling syndicate is. So, lets continue to reason why baby selling syndicate is occurred. Why should this happen? First, it’s come from the high demand for couples who have no offspring.

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Persuasive speech – baby selling syndicate
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They want children are willing to offer a high price to buy the baby. In addition, some people that involved in this problem sold the baby is due to poverty and debt.

They sold babies with a high price and use he money to support their life and pay debts. If you see what’s going on now, the son “born out of wedlock” higher was born and because this problem also, the occurrence of cases of baby selling is done to close their feeling of shame to society. When you know the reason, it can be effect to various parties. So, lets continue to the effect of this syndicate. This problem can give a negative effects if we do not eliminate this problem. Among them it is can give the negative effect to a country.

This problem will pollute the good name of the country in the international arena. Other countries will make a bad impression on the countries involved. There is also a negative effect to the Government, because for sure there will be who is dissatisfied with the Government’s actions cause this problem occurs. So, all parties should do something to prevent this problem. Let’s find the solution about this problem. Solutions should be done seriously to make sure our country is free from this syndicate. The Government may call for programmer or campaigns to instill information and access about baby selling syndicate.

In addition, enforcement agencies should take action to make sure the government strategies become more efficiently and effectively. I think, the Government should think of a heavier sentence for fighting these activities further prevent a country is considered to be the main centre of the syndication sales of babies for the international market. Everyone should to give responsibility to combat this problem. That is to safe Our country free from this problem. So that, my investigation about this baby selling syndicate is complete. You should now understand three highlighted fact about this baby selling handicap.

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