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Selling a Computer

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Selling a computer to a customer is like getting married. Every time a customer comes in and buys a computer, I feel like I just got married again. Take Kate. She came into the shop one day and picked out the computer that she wanted. She paid for it and took it home. It was less than a week that she called back upset. She could not get word perfect to install on her computer. So off I go, to install word.

Kate had deleted word , as well as a few other things. Kate told me that she was sorry .and I said ” It was alright , it could happen to anyone.” So I found my way back to the shop.

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Selling a Computer
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Then we have Tony, a very nice young man. He came into the shop three weeks later looking for a computer. Tony gave the impression that he knew everyhing there was to know about computers. Boy, was wrong. It took Tony only four hours until he had to call .

He said that he had lost some files off his computer. I asked what he had done to lose everything. Tony assured me that he had done nothing . So off I go again to work on another computer, only to find that he had deleted more than one file and a few more things. He had also changed the ports on the computer as well. I reset everything and headed back for the shop.

And of course we have the wild one ,Sam . Now Sam has mice.And as mice go, they love to eat. The mice had eaten almost all of Sams I.D.E. cables and tinkled over the rest.which in fact ruined most of her computer.Sam and I sat talked and decided to rebuild what she had . The parts that she did not have the money for I loaned to her.Everyday when the phine rang I knew without a doubt that Sam was on the other end of the phone with another complaint about her computer usually with the used parts that she had borrowed. Therefore I have decided that the day you sell a computer to a customer , is the day that you marry them.I wake up each day with the hopes that ,at least one of my customers will divorce me today.

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