Persuasive Speech On Wearing Seatbelts

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Your body is rising out Of the seat and being wrested forward into the windshield. As you go face first, you see the glass being broken into a million pieces and you feel the sharp pieces being stabbed d into your skin. You see everything stopping around you and you realize you’re no longer moving. You hear the ambulance and somebody starts to pull you out. You see your car all banged up. You examine the whole scene and you happen to look at the windshield and you’re horrified by what you see. You SE half your face staring back at you.

Every 14 seconds someone is injured in a traffic accident in the US. In fact, 65% of the people in traffic accidents are injured because they did not wear seat belts, according to the national safety council. Showing the need: A. Statement: The problem is children, teenagers, and adults are not wearing SE at belts when they are driving or riding in a vehicle and it is causing more deaths in fatal crashes than it should. The issue of people not wearing stables and the deaths from it are quickly increasing despite the law that was made a few years back.

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People are being killed and severely injured every single minute of every day due to not wearing stables and something more efficient needs t o be done about it. B. Illustration: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause Of death in the first three decades of American lives. In 2009 alone, crashes killed over 33,000 people and injured another 2. 2 million-?more than 70% of these were in passenger vehicles and trucks. More than half of the people killed in car crashes were not restrained at the time of the crash.

Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to prevent death and serious injury in a crash according to the center of disease control and prevention. Ejection from the vehicle is one of the most injurious events that can happen to a person in a crash. In fatal crashes in 201 0, 77% of vehicle occupants who were totally ejected from the vehicle were killed instantly, which is stated by the national organization for youth safety. C. Ramification: Statistics show that stables save lives.

When used correctly, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of fatal injury to front seat passenger car occupants by 45%, and risk of undemocratically injury by 50%. For those riding in the rear of vans and spirituality vehicles (SSW) during a car crash rear seat belts are 73% better at preventing fatalities. Keep in mind that victim s are not properly restrained in more than manhole of all fatal car accidents. Many as 17,000 people could be saved every year by wearing a settable according to James Madison University. Not only does not wearing a settable injure the person themselves but it can also injure other passengers as well.

D. Pointing: Each of you probably know someone who refuses or simply forgets t o wear stables or you may be one of them people housefly. This affects you because if you’re the one not wearing a storyteller’s risking your life. In fact , every 14 seconds a car crash happens. 1 out of every 4 crashes, which is very 56 seconds, someone is seriously Injured or killed due to not wearing their settable, according to the national safety council. Just think, that could b e you seriously injured or even dead. Even worse it could be someone you deeply love. So yes, not wearing a settable can affect you in more ways than one.

Satisfying the need: presenting the solution A. Statement: We need something more than just a seat belt law. We need to adopt a regulation for seat belt sensors, which is where vehicles can only operate if the person is buckled up so we can reduce the deaths in vehicle accidents in this country, so someone can have the chance to live. B. Explanation: My proposal is to mandate that every person should have a system put in their vehicle where they can not drive unless they are buckled u p. It is a very inexpensive system that operates on the car battery.

It looks like a normal seat belt and acts like one. It has sensors in it so you have to buckle it up or you will not be able to fully ignite the vehicle. This insures that the people e in the vehicle are buckled up and safe. C. Theoretical Demonstration: Death rates in our country will rise and peoples ivies will be saved because a censored settable will not only assure safety to the driver and passengers of the vehicle but also to others around that vehicle Reference to practical experience: According to studies in Japan, the seat belts with high sensors are an obligation for all vehicles.

Since this is a law in Japan, they have seen at least a 45% decrease in deaths and injuries caused from motor vehicle crashes according to high technologies in Japan. If we bring this law into the US we will have a significant amount of deaths decrease. E. Meeting objections: You may be thinking that this is dangerous seeing as how he stables could trap you in. But, the sensors do not affect the settable fro m operating correctly. You also may wonder about the price. Well, at first the government will pay to put the sensors in every car.

But if the sensors ever go out, they are easily replaceable, just like a tail light. Another concern you may have is when people buckle their settable behind them. With these seat belt sensors there is no way around not buckling up because the sensors sense your body and if they do not sense your body and aren’t buckled In, then the vehicle will not start. The final concern you may have is the biggest. The one everyone questions about, how come people do not die in a car accident whew they don’t have stables on. Or how come people would have normally died but did not because they were not buckled up.

Well, in every situation there is something that can defy the odds. But, according to Annapolis shatter it is a 10 chance for you to live if you do not wear a settable and get into a car crash. Compared to a 90% percent chance of living when you do wear a settable in a crash. Visualizing the results: Positive method: If my proposal of censored stables is adopted 90% percent of people in a car crash will live with not many injuries. A car crash happens every 14 seconds and someone dies every 56 seconds in a car crash due to n o settable.

If we adopt my proposal as many as 17,000 people a year can be saved according to James Madison University. B. Negative method: If my proposal of censored stables is not adopted, by 201 6 we can expect for people to stop wearing stables causing the 65% of people dying to 87% people dying due to not wearing a settable Action step: Offering a challenge: challenge you today to join me in a petition to start the censored settable obligation for all vehicles. Challenge you to make a change and save someone life.

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