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The harmful effects of soda on our health have become a major concern. Despite the fact that soda is toxic to our bodies, it has become a staple in our lives. This essay discusses the various health risks associated with drinking soda, such as an increased risk of heart attack, the presence of chemicals that cause cancer, and the deterioration of teeth due to the sugar and acid content. Although some argue that soda can offer some benefits, such as settling an upset stomach or providing caffeine, there are healthier alternatives to consider. These include coffee or tea for caffeine, lemonade or other juices for sweetness, and even homemade soda. Overall, it is important to limit the amount of soda we drink and make ourselves aware of the risks it poses to our health.

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Over the years soda has become a staple in our lives, and is unfortunately extremely toxic to our bodies. Which is why we need to make he effort to limit the amount we drink and make ourselves aware of the risks we expose to our health when choosing to drink soda.

Preview Main Points / Structure: To better help you understand what makes soda so bad for your health and why you shouldn’t drink it; I’m going to explain the various issues and facts about soda. Ill discuss the pros and cons Of soda, and then some alternatives that are healthier choices.

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Main Point 1

Sodas are one of those things that like so much; we ignore the nutrition facts on the can. So when we look at what the effects are, you an see that the cons of drinking soda are huge. According to the Harvard School of Public Health journal Circulation published March 2012, drinking just one soda a day can cause a 20 percent increase in a person’s risk of having a heart attack over a 22-year period.

Len 2011, the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest found that the artificial caramel coloring used to make Coke, Pepsi and Other brown sodas, contained the chemicals: 2- MI and 4-MI, which have been causes of cancer in animals. Another side effect is the deterioration of your teeth, because the sugars and acid eat away t the enamel. Transition Statement/Signpost: Even with these huge health risks, some people still refuse to give up their soda.

Main Point 2

There have been some arguments that soda is actually beneficial for you and that there are pros to drinking it. NASDAQ O’Connor, author of the New York Times article, The Claim, published June 3 2008, said that drinking soda will often times settle an upset stomach. Many people also choose to drink soda for the caffeine, which ranges from 23 to 54 MGM per 12 Oz serving, according to Lisa Specific, author of the Livingston article, Health Benefits of Soda, published July 15 2011.

Transition Statement/Signpost: Now that you know the health risks of drinking soda, you can make the move to choose other drinks.

Main Point 3

If you’re someone who likes soda but wants to find something healthier, there are a lot of alternatives that you can choose from that you may end up liking more than your favorite soda. If it’s the caffeine that attracts you to soda, you can swap it for coffee or you could do black or green tea which typically have more caffeine than soda and come tit vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For something that’s sweet, there’s lemonade and other juices. You can also make your own soda at home in a healthier version.


We discussed the health risks of drinking soda. The reasons why many people continue to drink it. And last I gave you some alternatives to choose from. Hopefully this has helped you understand just how bad soda is to your health and why you shouldn’t drink it, and hopefully all of you will decide to make the change and stop drinking soda.

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