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Restriction on Consumption of Soda

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So, there are continuous debates on the issue. In my opinion, because the bans can’t help lower amount of soda’s intake and are ineffective and have no regard for our liking they are not necessary. Firstly, the ban can’t help us improve our health. The main purpose Of the ban is preventing people from being obese. However, drinking a lot of soda is not the one cause of rising obesity because there are many causes which are overeating, lacking of physical activity, etc.

Especially, the heritage of exercise is the main cause of obesity.

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Restriction on Consumption of Soda
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For example, if someone takes in 7,000, calories and only burn up 3,500 calories, he or she will gain a pound, which is the way that overweight people usually do. So, it is more likely to prevent obesity by encouraging people to move actively rather than banning soda. Secondly, the ban is ineffective. The ban aims at reducing soda’s intake and regulates soda’s size to 16 oz.

If there no limit on the number, it means the ban allows people to buy multiple sodas and it leads to dating a lot of sodas like the ban isn’t exist.

Therefore, the ban can’t help lower amount of soda’s intake and is useless. Thirdly, the ban has no regard for our liking. Individuals have the freedom of choice. So, we must respect the will of the individual especially with regard to the ban on soda because drinking sodas is not committing a crime. In addition, it is not harmful to other people like smoking is. For example, if someone smokes, it is harmful to people around the smoker so secondhand smoking is big health hazard.

In entrant, drinking sodas is just someone’s free will and it has nothing to do with someone’s health. Drinker’s health depends on his choice whether or no. Therefore, ban on soda is not desirable because it is ineffective and the ban doesn’t respect our preference. Banning soda is useless. Fifth ban is to be in effect, the ban should be made after careful consideration. The first thing that law makers have to do is having second thoughts about the ban because the law exists to make people’s better life and not to infringe on their rights.

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Restriction on Consumption of Soda. (2018, Mar 16). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/restriction-on-consumption-of-soda/

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