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Planning for a Successful Future

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    My roots stem from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, I have 5 siblings along with my mother and father. I came from a strong Christian background. I had a strong Christian Grandmother and Mother who taught me everything I need to know about God.

    They both instilled solid family values that involved putting God first in everything that you do, strong principles, high standards and never to compromise your beliefs or lower your standards to fit in. My greatest strength is to push myself to be the best I can be.

    My greatest weakness is not having the ability to say no without feeling guilty.

    Prior to coming to Grand Canyon University, in 2005, I had gone to school for my associate’s degree in allied health services. What I like most about getting my associates degree was that I wanted to advance myself in a career that would allow me to help and care for people. Ms. Samantha Fletcher was my favorite teacher because she was my instructor, my mentor and we had a personal and spiritual connection. Even after graduation, she still was my spiritual advisor. After the children were older, I knew it was time to go back to school; so I chose Grand Canyon University, because I wanted to advance myself further by getting my degree in health management. I knew I would have challenges and obstacles before me but I was up for the challenge. I wanted to be a role model for my children by going back to college. Going back to school requires a plan, when incorporating a plan, you must have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. In order to attain success, one must plan accordingly. I expect to gain the core academic classes that I needed to advance my career and spiritual foundation and principles of Christ that the University offers to their students.

    My academic goals are to be strong in my critical thinking and writing skills, learn how to mange and prioritize my time wisely. My personal goals are to be the best version that I can be, spiritually and personally, Also, strengthen the core values and principles that Grand Canyon University instills in their students. I will reach my goals by managing my time wisely, set realistic goals, motivation and determination to reach my goals. At this particular time I do not have an estimated time when I will complete my studies. However, I hope that I will be able to finish my studies by 2019 or 2020.

    Upon completing my studies I would like a job in upper management in the medical field. I currently worked in the medical field and I would to continue to work in this field. I chose this profession so I could advance my career but also so that I could set an example for my children through work and dedication. As for my salary expectations, I would like to make more money than I am currently making at this time.

    My life will change upon graduating from Grand Canyon because I will be able to advance in my career, and help others in a spiritual manner and be a successful woman and dedicated Christian. I have learned so much professionally from Mark Wallace, who is the CEO of the hospital that I currently work at. The qualities that I admire most about Mr. Wallace are his ability to communicate effectively with anyone of all walks of life.

    He has a compassionate and kind nature and he is dedicated to meeting the needs of his employees and the patients. Mr. Wallace achieved success through hard work, dedication and perseverance. I see myself in 10 years being successful, advancing in my career in doing what I do in management. I see myself in 20 years not only successful professionally but in ministry as well. My life will contribute positively to the lives of others because I will show compassion, love and kindness and treat everyone with the equal respect that I would like to be treated with. I also can help others through my medical educational background and my years of service in ministry.

    I define success as loving God and helping others and giving of oneself to have a better and peaceful world. I will know in the future if I have achieved success because I will have peace in my mind and heart and I will have prospered in ways that I could never imagine. That is true success and with God any and everything is possible.

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