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Assignment Thesis Dissertation

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For making a structure of a research a researcher take some initiatives; like how, when, why, the time Ramee, findings, collecting information sources and its description. A researcher takes with all kinds of decisions as per research structure. Planning of research is called structure of research. We can say it is an operational guideline of a research. It is required to be made before starting a research. We can define it as study proposal or project proposal. We have to make some more little designs to establish total planning of a research structure, like: 2.

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Planning of research: 1 . Design of sample: At the beginning, a researcher needs to develop a sample in respect of research. 2. Design of observation: The way where the researcher takes information about the conducting research that must be specified with observation design. 3. Design of Statistics: A well-established plan is required to present and describe with the collected information and that is statistical design. 4. Design of reporting: The way to presenting the final report of research that must be organized with report design.

. Characteristics and elements of a research design: We have found some preamble by verifying the description of research as below; a. Structure of research is a scientific step. B. To lead or produce a research must be well planned; c. Conclusion of research must be logical; d. This must be producer of research, controlled and path finder to researcher. Research design or planning is mental and intellectual work. We can define each element of a research as “item”.

There are some common structural items almost in every research, namely; i) Title of research: It must be specified with simple and easy language of a specific research problem and question, where people can easily understand the matter. Such as “Current situation of Intellectual property and laws in Bangladesh and determent of this laws”; ii) Introduction: It is shortly describe the logical and impacting ground of research and ability of researcher regarding the subject matter; iii) Object or motive: The basic objects are describes in this item very clearly.

A research conduct for or to achieve research results; iv) Assumption and hypothesis: Assumption is using for unexamined research and hypothesis is using for examined; v) Definition of concepts and terms: Definition and terms are very important on research. This item elaborately discuss about the definition. That may be theoretical or operational definition. i) Literature review (secondary data): Basically a research works with literature but sometimes some researcher describes separately for some current statistics and such subjects; vii) Research methods (area, sample, method of information collection, manage etc. : It describes all basic methods and theories; viii) Time frame: Specification of the time says how long a research will work, it must be specified from beginning to end; ix) Budget: The required finance amount to complete total research process; x) Appendix and Suffix: In the end of a research, a researcher shows the books name, flow chart and biography. Different methodological design used in social research: In social science, a researcher depends on many things like its social value, condition, ideology and many other related matters.

A report is typically made with three main divisions: 1) Preliminary material, 2) body and 3) supplementary material. A social research depends with 3 main objects: i) Exploration ii) Description and iii) Explanation A social research depends with unit of analysis i) Individuals ii) Groups iii) Organization and social artifacts. A social research deals with topic of research: ) Condition (like- age, sex, income, and occupation), ii) Orientation (like- Individuals believe, physiological condition) iii) Action: their works.

Time dimension: Social fact may happen with in short time or in long time, some that we can define it as cross-sectional method and longitude method. Cross sectional method: limit with specific time Longitudinal method: for long time. Motivation for research: A social researcher has found some motivation, where research may change into many ways, like: 1. Testing formal theories: 2. Testing limited Hypothesis: 3. Explore unstructured interest; 4. Constructed research; 5. Involuntary research.

Conclusion: Making structure of a research is so much important to lead a research. It makes a research within the specified time and help to obtain such desired results in a very easy way. Most social research originates from some general problem or question. After making a good research structure a researcher can achieve his goal easily, which may significant to the human or to the social behavior.

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