Political Student Government at school

Did you know that the student government at school is the first type of political structure the dent’s experience? Or did you know how the student council this helps the school? Having an active political student government in the school teaches the students how a political system of elections works and make them enter in the politics. The students that postulate for the council are usually looking to improve the students experience in the school.

The Calgary board of education stated that the student government has many important roles to assure for example to identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the school, to communicate its opinion to he school administration on any subject that concerns students, and to promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing school activities (Queen Elizabeth high school, “Student Council – The Senate”).

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The student council was created for the improvement of the student high school life, so to assure this the student council must concentrate on the student’s relationship with the teachers, find the problems on the school infrastructure, and provide the student solutions to their complains. First, according to the high school mentioned earlier the student nuncio responsibility is to maintain good relationships with staff of the school (Queen Elizabeth high school, “Student Council – The Senate”). Second, If the school Is lacking sports or social areas a project proposed by the student government must take place.

Third, the student council responsibility Is to hear the complaints of the students and find a solution. Valiance argued that the voice of student council Is the message of students “the student voice must be heard and delivered by the student government… ” (293). To sum up, Is the role of the student council to consult students n any Issue of Importance, Improve the school area, and malting a good relationship student-teacher. The student council responsibility Is also to be the message to the teachers, give the administers the complaints of the student, and speak the message of the student .

First, the student council must keep a track of the student worries and “inform students about any subject that concerns them”(Queen Elizabeth high school, “Student Council – The Senate”). Second, they must react to the suggestions the students give even if it is a no. Third, the student council accessibility work together with the administers to find a solution to the problem . Laramie stated if a problem is annoying the students we can work for a way solve it ‘the bar is too expensive for the regular student to eat” (“inspirational speech”, 4).

In conclusion, is the role of the student council to solve the worries of a student with the teacher, administer, and in the school. The school activities are sometimes boring or repetitive; the student council Job is to keep the student’s cultural approach big, to propose activities to the school administration that would improve the quality of life n the school, and to participate in developing the school’s educational projects and to promote it to students. To start with, the trips out of the school can be interesting and give the student a good experience.

Next, the quality life of the student can get better by keeping the arts and culture of the school active with some festivals and expositions. Finally, the projects in the school can go from festivals that invite other school to tournaments giving a better chance to make the school grow and show the talents of the students. The student council can keep the activities of the school Interesting making the student grow in culture, discover the students’ talents and likes, and improve the projects with other school and outsiders of the school.

In conclusion, the student council solves the problems of the students, works as a media for the students and administers to communicate, promote and create activities on the school. My personal experience with the student council until now it IS that the legacy that we leave on the school now can be part of everyone message that was heard and made into a cheaper bar on my school. The student council has the responsibility to make the proof that the students enjoyed their school.

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